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Guardian of Lore developer aims for day one support

guardian of lore developer aims for day one support in linux gaming mac windows pc

Guardian of Lore developer aims for day one support in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to recent details from indie development studio Round2Games. Due to make it’s way onto Steam in Spring 2021.

Back in July Guardian of Lore received a Demo on Steam. Which is available for Windows PC still. Playable via Proton. Which is certainly a well crafted side scrolling action platformer. Where you play as Prince Sayri. Who is also on a mission to save the memory of ancient Native American folktales. Due to face certain destruction in the hands of dark forces.

While that is an inspiring story plot. Guardian of Lore developers have further plans in Linux gaming.

Having Linux support on day one launch is definitely one of our biggest priorities and main goals. It should be plausible as the game is being developed in Unity. And it’s meant to support it.

Round2Games also mentions having to face support bugs and issues at launch. But will do what they can to ensure a smooth release. Since they are using Unity 3D for development. Which can come with its own challenges.

Guardian of Lore Official Trailer

Main characteristics and Features:

  • Classic 2.5 D epic adventure plus unique artistic, story and gameplay. Features that make for a refreshing experience.
  • Unleash a devastating power over your enemies with precise controls.
  • Explore different worlds and enthralling tales in Guardian of Lore. All selected and adapted for an unparalleled game experience.
  • Find all the different paths each story may present. As well as the impact on its ending and the world it paints on your screen.
  • Learn new, formidable spells and abilities and improve them through the story.
  • Crush your enemies with customizable powers that evolve according to your liking.
  • Inhabit an intricate, ever-changing world overflowing with complex enemies with very distinct personalities.
  • Collect knowledge hidden inside each level to unlock more powerful magic and items.
  • Enjoy exquisitely painted landscapes designed to give a unique sense of depth in a 2D world.
  • A hauntingly beautiful soundtrack ushers you as you delve into each captivating legend.

The Guardian of Lore universe is a work of art. Full of vibrant 2D sceneries and lively 3D characters. Each location teeming with evil creatures. Whose sole purpose is to destroy the myths and those aiming to protect. These are the folktales from eternal oblivion.

Guardian of Lore will be launched on Steam in March 2021. Above all, the game is also one of the top 100 most awaited indie games in Indie DB in 2018 and 2019. While the developer aims for day one support in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC.

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