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Guardians of Holme new card TD roguelike

guardians of holme tower defense game with deckbuilding coming to linux mac and windows pc

Guardians of Holme tower defense game with deckbuilding coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the remarkable outcome of MossTech Studio’s unwavering hard work by exploring their exceptional creations. Due to make its way onto Steam Early Access next month.

MossTech Studio is due to release a new game called Guardians of Holme on Steam Early Access. It’s a tower defense game for Linux that mixed deckbuilding and roguelite elements. Which will be available starting June 16. Where it is due to continue for a timeframe of 3-6 months. Refining the current version and deliver an exceptional game for Linux.

In Guardians of Holme, you’ll have to defend a place called Holme from all sorts of enemies. These enemies include monsters of different kinds, and there are even some powerful boss monsters too. But not to worry, you won’t be defenseless. Since you’ll have to use your smarts to strategically place traps to fight off the waves of enemies.

As you progress in Guardians of Holme, you’ll get to collect new trap cards, relics, and upgrade what you already have. Making your traps even more powerful and take on even tougher enemies. You’ll have to think carefully about which traps to use and where to place them. Due to ensure you have the best defense possible.

You’ll also encounter different types of terrain and enemy types, which means you’ll need to adjust your tactics. The game allows you to pause or speed up the action, so you can take your time to plan your moves and try the best strategies. And if you like a challenge, the difficulty of the game will keep increasing as you play.

Guardians of Holme Release Date Announcement Trailer

In the world of Guardians of Holme, a long time ago, a hero sealed away the Demon King who almost destroyed everything. But now, the demons are back, and they’re heading towards the Royal City. So it’s up to you, playing as a skilled artisan from Holme, to defend your kingdom and lead its citizens in the fight against the demons. You’ll have to use your traps and clever thinking to protect your homeland from the enemy onslaught.

In the early access version, you’ll be able to choose between two characters named Seth and Nicole. Each character has their own unique abilities and cards. Which adds to the variety of gameplay on Linux. You’ll also find various traps and artifacts to use. So each time you play, it will feel fresh and different.

The game developers are really dedicated to making Guardians of Holme the best it can be, and they want your help too. They’re open to feedback from players during the early access phase, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, be sure to share. They’re even planning to add new characters, traps, artifacts, and game modes based on the feedback they receive.

So get ready for an epic tower defense game with deckbuilding to become a master strategist in Guardians of Holme. Make sure to Wishlist on Steam Early Access. Your opinions and ideas will help shape the game on Linux, as well as Mac and Windows PC, starting on June 16th. Priced at $12.99 USD / £10.99 / 12,79€. Players will enjoy a 20% discount during the first week.

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