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Guardians of Holme to defend and conquer

guardians of holme tower defense game with deckbuilding releases early access on linux mac and windows pc

Guardians of Holme tower defense game with deckbuilding releases in Early Access on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the innovation and imagination of MossTech Studio’s developers. Now available in Steam Early Access with a discount.

Imagine a world where you’re the last line of defense against a horde of monsters. This is the world of Guardians of Holme, a unique blend of card-based strategy game, roguelite elements, and tower defense mechanics. While expecting to remain in development for 3 – 6 month. Now let’s dive into what makes this title so unique on Linux.

In the Guardians of Holme adventure, you’re not just fighting off monsters. You’re also building your own defenses using special cards. These cards allow you to set up traps and summon guards to protect your home. It’s like playing a game of chess, but instead of moving pieces, you’re placing traps and casting spells.

The Guardians of Holme monsters come in different types, and they attack from both the ground and the air. Some fly, some crawl, and some are even powerful bosses. You’ll need to think on your feet and adapt your strategy to each new challenge. You can place totems, set traps, summon guards, and cast spells to keep the monsters at bay. The terrain around you can be used to your advantage, so you’ll need to be smart about where you place your traps.

As you progress in Guardians of Holme, you’ll find new cards and relics that can make your traps stronger and more effective. You can also upgrade your existing cards in this deckbuilding strategy. It’s like leveling up in a role-playing game.

Guardians of Holme Release Date Announcement Trailer

You can also control the pace of the adventure. If things are getting too hectic, you can pause to think about your next move. If you’re feeling confident, you can speed things up and take on the monsters at a faster pace.

The story behind the Guardians of Holme adventure is pretty unique. Long ago, a hero sealed away a Demon King who almost destroyed the world. The demons were pushed to the fringes of society, sealed away by a legendary hero. Then people eventually forgot about them. One day, the demons woke up and started marching towards the prosperous Royal City. As a skilled artisan from Holme, it’s up to you to lead the citizens in defending their homes.

In the early access version of Guardians of Holme, you can choose between two characters, Seth and Nicole. Each one has a unique style and offers different ways to play. There are also heaps of traps and artifacts to discover, making each play through unique. You can focus on high damage of a single trap, then use traps to push enemies into pits. Or use roadblocks in synergy with the terrain.

The Guardians of Holme adventure gets tougher as you go along. If you’re looking for an even bigger challenge, there’s a daily challenge mode that offers new experiences every day. So, are you ready to take on this tower defense with deckbuilding?
It’s available on Steam Early Access. Priced at $10.39 USD / £8.79 / 10,39€, including the 20% discount. Guardians of Holme also has support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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