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Guardians of the Rose open-world action RPG Kickstarter closing soon for Linux, Mac and PC


Guardians of the Rose is an #openworld #exploration #game on Kicktarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. With out only hours to go for the campaign.
Players take on the roll of guild master in a Secret Society who’s sole purpose is world peace, at any cost. Players have the ability to recruit any NPC, any unique Enemy, and even a few of the Bosses.

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Guardians of the Rose is a skill-based action RPG that is focused on developing your character however you want, to suit your desire to be Good or Evil.  It features customizable stats, skills, and gear.

  • Align with Good or Evil – You get to choose whether Good or Evil prevails.  Your alignment is based on your actions.  Killing monsters near a town to save villagers is an act that earns good points while killing innocent villagers, stealing, or using witchcraft will accumulate evil points.  Your alignment affects which NPCs are friendly towards you and which ones are enemies.  It also can change your path in the story, which quests you can take, what gear you can wear, and more.
  • Choose your own way to play – The player must choose what path to take, good or evil.  The only goal of the game is to restore peace to the land.  How it is done is up to the player.  You can choose to incite revolution from the stealth of the shadows or you can wage all out war.  With a completely customizable stats and skills system there is very little the player does not have control over.  And depending on how you play the game, which path you take in your exploration of the lands, and who you decide to party with, the game’s story and ending can change fairly drastically.
  • Witchcraft – Witchcraft is known in the kingdom as the source of all evil.  Using it risks your ability to get along with natives of the land and if caught using witchcraft you can compromise your ability to experience certain endings of the game.  If you do choose to use witchcraft you can craft it with items that you find in your explorations.
  • Stats System – Stats are the five character statistics that make your character completely customizable.  Each time you level up you can invest points into your character to tailor it towards the way you prefer to play the game.
  • Guild Master of a Secret Society – You play as a guild master of a Secret Society who’s goal is world peace, at any cost. If you choose the wrong person to recruit it can turn into a fight. Successful Recruitment is based on both your alignment and your luck. By recruiting multiple allies they can further your journey by providing you with stat buffs, skill sets, better trading, and more.

Guardians of the Rose was heavily inspired by the classic tales of Homer, Viking Sagas, and high fantasy novels like Lord of the Rings and Winds of Fate.  Along with the inspiration from classic books and stories the game’s style was inspired by old school Arcade games that I would play as a kid at Pizza Hut and the local bowling Alley.  Other inspirations include: The Legend of Zelda, Gauntlet, Ragnarok Online, and The Elder Scrolls

Guardians of the Rose is currently on Kickstarter with only hours left for the campaign. The open-world action RPG is set to make be developed across Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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