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The Guild 3 native support and Early Access

the guild 3 medieval simulation linux support and early access update

The Guild 3 will be releasing from Early Access, but we have new about Linux support. Since reaching out to the developers, we have information coming directly from THQ Nordic.

Linux Support:

“First, we will get the game in good shape, afterwards we will look at Linux.”

So clearly there is further progress with The Guild 3 before a full release. Which also what THQ Nordic outlines.
This also means we will likely see Linux support after the full release. Which will be an interesting port, seeing Phoenix Engine (Relic) does not natively support Linux.

Also to make sure The Guild 3 development progresses. The game will of course leave Early Access in due course. So there is no set release date.
While an additional development Studio, called Purple Lamp, which is based in Vienna, will add its expertise to the project. Purple Lamp is a newly formed studio, consisting of veteran developers.

Since the reviews on Steam are below that 50% Positive. Development definitely needs a good boost.

Based on the work GolemLabs has done so far. The new studio will solve any problems as well as integrate planned features. Such as multiplayer, societies and the sovereign-mechanic. So this is coming into the game in the following months.

Harald Riegler, CEO of Purple Lamp, says “The Guild is a fantastic franchise and we’re proud to contribute both our experience and our personal passion for strategy games to deliver the game that fans are hoping for.“

Jean-René Couture, CEO GolemLabs Studios Inc., adds: “For the past few years, the folks here at GolemLabs had the huge honor to work on The Guild 3. However, the very last remaining stretch of development will be done under the care and reigns of THQ Nordic.
So, from now on, GolemLabs will eagerly and proudly be waiting for the release of The Guild 3. For us here at GolemLabs, it is time to embark on new and exciting adventures.“

The Guild 3 – Early Access Trailer (Windows, Linux later)

The Guild 3 is a fascinating trade and life simulation. Which aslo takes place during the late Middle Ages. You can quite literally experience medieval Europe. While stepping into the shoes of a single character or an entire dynasty. Also acquiring businesses and properties, produce goods and trade them.

Players can also get into politics and society, court women or men, love, hate, bribe, fight and live. Facing good times as well as bad.
Since The Guild 3 is still in development. Some features are already part of the game and some are yet to come.

Features (existing)

  • AI System: The new AI system is learning from own activities as well from the behavior from other players.
  • Huge Replay-Value: The AI as well as the different and unique scenario settings make every map look, feel and play differently.
  • Scenarios: The player can choose between 8 scenarios: Augsburg, Barony of Birmingham, Archbishopric of Magdeburg, The mighty City of London, Vienna and Presporok, Hanseatic city of Visby, Paris and Mazovia.

Features (planned)

  • Societies: In The Guild 3 the societies are like very powerful social clubs. Some of them, like the freemasons or the craftmans’ guild are publicly known. While others, such as the thieves’ guild or the brotherhood of light, are secret.
  • Multiplayer with up to 16 Players via Internet and/or LAN: Custom multiplayer and connection to other The Guild 3 players, no matter where they bought the game.
  • Scenario Editor: Players will be able to create their own maps and create specific rules for them – change ranks and privileges, production chains or societies. These scenarios can be shared with the community.
  • More Scenarios: 4 new scenarios will make their way into The Guild 3: Kingdom of Bohemia, The Netherlands, Duchy of Burgundy and The Hanseatic League.

Early Access and GOG:

As it stands right now, The Guild 3 is available for $29.99 USD on both Steam Early Access and GOG. Which is only available for Windows, but it seems Linux will like come after full release. Which does not have an official date just yet.

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