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GUILT: The Deathless action RPG to get a port

guilt: the deathless action rpg game to get a port for linux and mac after windows pc

GUILT: The Deathless action RPG game to get a port for Linux and Mac after Windows PC. Developer Outer Brain Studios offers details for their future plans. Which is currently available via Steam Early Access.

GUILT: The Deathless is a nostalgic roguelike action RPG adventure in an eerie ever changing shared world. The game is currently live on Early Access as of yesterday. This is also the second game from Outer Brain Studios. The indie developer behind VR horror hit Organ Quarter with amazing success.
However, the developer has only ever offered Windows PC support. But when asked about their Linux plans going forward, we have details.

We can’t promise anything for early access, but can hopefully get it running on Linux before the 1.0 release.

While simply put, Linux support is coming for GUILT: The Deathless. The game is also developed in Unity 3D, so this should make the porting process easier. It will be interesting to see how the game grows during the one year of Early Access. Despite the already mixed reviews thus far.
And yes, it runs on Proton. But something as simple as changing Settings can hang the game. So it’s a work in progress.

GUILT: The Deathless Early Access Trailer

GUILT: The Deathless features brutal but balanced real-time freeform combat. Due to putting a player’s skills to the test. Play as a Threadbarer slashing a path through a dark trail full of the footprints of other players’ pasts. Roam through bleak twisted landscapes and lairs in the quest to end an eternal cycle of ruin. Brave real-time dungeons amid old school turn-based hex maps. Since all actions carve the map into evolving fates of jeopardy, safety, shortcuts, and passage.

With a unique Guilt gameplay mechanic, players can choose to keep a clear conscience to yield the Threadbare Knot’s strength. However, these rotting realms do not make it easy to seek redemption. Salvaging the remains of other players’ plunder will swell guilt the Threadbare Knot absorbs. Doing so until all its power is lost. With the GUILT: The Deathless lure of mighty rewards from looted treasures. This is where players elect what they will gain, or lose, from their Guilt.

Choose from an array of weapons including scythes, staffs, swords, and spears. Either ransacked as guilt-laden loot or guilt-free purchases from the main shop the Wares. Currently run by Domovoy, a bone devouring creature from Slavic folklore. Who will also trade equipment for bones collected from slain foes. Players can spend bones on a vast array of powerful enchantments to enrich items in GUILT: The Deathless.

From foreboding swampy forests to shipwrecks, surprises will impact every perilous run. Even the weather can complicate a player’s journeys as they evade The Haze’s deviants. Such as giant tentacled eyeballs bursting hell fireballs to fiends, specters, and daemons. All dwelling under the thunderous canopy. While GUILT: The Deathless players encounter twisted, enigmatic NPCs who will either enrich or ruin their journey.

GUILTY pleasures:

  • Controller enabled
  • Unique Guilt gameplay mechanism – the less guilty you are, the longer you may survive
  • Non-linear world map and procedurally generated levels across multiple twisted landscapes
  • An original blend of roguelike and shared-world adventure
  • Unlock shortcuts, share loot, and build altars – to help or hinder – other players

GUILT: The Deathless action RPG is available on Steam Early Access. Priced at $16.19 USD / £12.59 / 13,49€. Currently available on Windows PC, but with plans for Linux and Mac in version 1.0.