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Gun Rage run and gun coming this Summer

gun rage classic run and gun coming this fall for windows and then linux

Gun Rageis a new classic, fast-paced, side-scrolling run and gun coming to Steam this Fall for Windows, but what about Linux?
So we reached out to solo indie developer Denis Galewski. Who after 3 years of development announced that new game Gun Rage, will release summer 2018 for Windows.

Linux Support:

“The engine is Game Maker Studio 2. About Linux port. Yes, of course, I really wish to port the game to any possible platform and console.
But the problem is, I’m the only man who’s working on the game. And though GMS2 is very good with supporting other platforms, it still really takes time and money to port the game.

So, unfortunately, first, it’s going to be released only on windows. And after that depending on sales I will consider ports.”

Denis is quite honest and up front about development. While this is could be construed as disappointing. The post release Linux support is a given. Since he is only one person working on the release.
We are also seeing an avid rise in Game Maker Studio 2 titles. Both Skelattack and last years Feral Fury both run on the engine. Also, Riptale, a personal favourite and another game worth checking out.

Gun Rage Run and Gun Trailer (Windows, then Linux)

Gun Rage is an old-school, fast-paced, side-scrolling, run and gun with 16-bit era graphics, heavily inspired by such classic series as Contra and Metal Slug, and pays homage to the greatest games of the genre.

Gun Rage is taking place in a distant future, where players take on the role of a smuggler named Axel Gunn, who gets robbed and nearly killed on one of the delivery missions. Axel sets out on a path of revenge to retrieve the stolen and to crush anyone who dared to mess with him, incurring the wrath of a mighty, menacing enemy. True, terrifying powers of which, he could not imagine.


  • Big variety of enemies: armies of cyborg zombies, crazy cultists, giant mechas, abominable, heavily armed, huge monsters.
  • Challenging, complex, multiphase boss fights.
  • Retro 16-bit era graphics. All hand-drawn.
  • Old-school hardcore.
  • Vast arsenal. Use various types of weapons: blaster, rifle, shotgun, melee, spread gun, grenades, rocket launcher. Pick new guns and switch between them at any time.
  • Fast-paced gameplay with a lot of explosions, gore and blood.
  • Every level of the game has distinctive indiuvidual art design and atmosphere.

Coming to Steam:

So Gun Rage is coming to Steam for Windows this summer. Followed shortly after by a native Linux release. So follow Denis on Twitter for more progress.

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