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Gunpoint beta now available for Linux and Mac on Steam

Gunpoint the stealth-based #puzzleplatformer hacky-punchy #game was released in 2013 to some pretty widespread acclaim, but—big surprise—was only available for Windows. The developer of the game, Tom Francis, promised OS X and Linux ports, but with no concrete timeline, now they’re here and they’re ready for testing.

Francis recommends that people wait for the beta period to end before buying the game, but, hey, Linux users know what betas are, right? The game is a blast, and you will only be helping make it better.

The fine folks at Abstraction have finally got Gunpoint working well enough on OSX and Linux that we’re ready for you guys to give it a try and see what breaks.

If you already own Gunpoint, right-click it in your Steam list and go to Properties. Under the ‘Betas’ tab, choose ‘maclinuxbeta’ and ‘OK’. The game should update.

If you find any problems, see if there’s a thread about them here, and if not, start a new one! Tell us as much as you can about your system, what you were doing, and what happened.

Caution! The Mac and Linux versions are in beta, so I don’t recommend buying the game yet if that’s what you’ll be playing on!

To make sure everyone has the latest fixes, the beta is Steam-only. When they’re ready, the Mac and Linux versions will of course be available DRM-free for people who bought here or on the Humble Store. And buying it from anywhere at any time on any of these three platforms means you own it on all three.