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Gunslugs Rogue Tactics will launch August 6th

gunslugs rogue tactics will launch August 6th for linux mac windows pc

Gunslugs Rogue Tactics finally has a launch date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the development efforts of Orangepixel. Which is coming to Steam on August 6th.

This excellent news from Orangepixel. We have been following the games development progress via social media. And now receiving the launch confirmation via email.

Gunslugs Rogue Tactics combines action platforming with stealth gameplay. While adding in rogue-like elements like procedurally generated games. This also ranges from levels to characters to missions. Also random item placement and a whole pile of fun little surprises. So that players will have to figure things out. Which also increases the game replay value of the game.

Gunslugs Rogue Tactics Announcement Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

So you can play the game in a host of different ways. This ranges from gun blazing and speed running. All the way up to more thoughtful and tactical methods. This is an Orangepixel game. So you can expect something more in Gunslugs Rogue Tactics.
Therefore, how you tackle the game is up to you. Just make sure save the world from the Black Duck Army. And work your way through their uniquely but crazy experiments. Yeah…. so that’s up to you.


  • Procedurally generated game – no 2 games will be the same
  • Option to turn off the procedural generation, and play old-school and all games start the same!
  • Premium game, no in-app payments for Gunslugs Rogue Tactics
  • All Gunslugs heroes with their own characteristics
  • A host of items to learn about and use
  • Pop-up stores with various items to buy, NPC’s to talk to, and secrets to uncover
  • Tips&Tricks video from the developer exclusive to the game (see game menu)

Pro tip for Gunslugs Rogue Tactics. Try to be more tactical about your approach. So don’t running into a room trying to take on a large group of enemies. Instead take them out one by one. Or try using a well placed sticky bomb. Maybe a handy land mine. While in other settings you can go full on Rambo-mode. This is not a game mode. Just the best chance of surviving and getting to the chopper. The chopper how cliche but you know, FUN!!!

Gunslugs Rogue Tactics will launch on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Coming on August 6th. More details about price coming soon.