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Gunslugs Rogue Tactics roguelite releases

gunslugs rogue tactics action roguelite releases on linux mac windows pc

Gunslugs Rogue Tactics stealth action roguelite releases for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to indie developer Orangepixel. This is the 3rd game in the series. Available now on Steam.

Gunslugs Rogue Tactics takes the series into a new direction. So the gameplay is more tactical and stealthy. Where you take control over your elite squad of soldiers. While trying to take out the Black Duck Army. And also stop their world threatening experiments. Simply by sneaking your way past the enemy lines. All while avoiding camera and security drones. Then planting C4 to take down buildings. And of course, complete various mission objectives.

Gunslugs Rogue Tactics Announcement Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

So, if sneaking fails, or time is running out. You can also try brute force. While resorting to series of melee and ranged weapons. Since you can use things like knives and samurai swords. The usual machine guns and plasma guns in Gunslugs Rogue Tactics. Plus there are rocket launchers. And literally anything else you can get your hands on to. They all get the job done.


  • Procedurally generated game – no 2 games will be the same
  • Option to turn off the procedural generation, and play old school and all games start the same!
  • Premium game, no in-app payments for Gunslugs Rogue Tactics
  • All Gunslugs heroes with their own characteristics
  • A host of items to learn about and use
  • Pop-up stores with various items to buy, NPC’s to talk to, and secrets to uncover
  • Tips&Tricks video from the developer exclusive to the game (see game menu)

Gunslugs Rogue Tactics uses procedurally generated environments. So this makes every game a different experience. And if you fail your mission, this is just an excuse to try again. Since your starting team will always be different. Plus the world will come with new challenges. And also different building layouts to sneak your way through.

Gunslugs Rogue Tactics releases roguelite action. Which is now available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $14.99 USD plus a 10% launch week discount.

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