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Gust of Wind stealth due to slip onto Linux

gust of wind is a story-driven stealth game coming to windows pc but due to add linux support too

Gust of Wind is a story-driven stealth game coming to Windows PC, but due to adding Linux support too. Cheers to the fantastic creativity and hard work of Wrenchpunk Games for eventful adventures. Making it’s way onto Steam Early Access next month.

Gust of Wind takes place in a world that’s fallen apart. One that is also littered with the broken remnants of the old world and dominated by massive mutant seagulls. This world, a setting straight out of a sci-fi movie, is where the brand new adventure from Wrenchpunk Games, Gust of Wind, happens. You’ll find it in Early Access, starting from July 31st, where it will remain for about 2.5 years.

On top of that, we have more details regarding a native port directly from Wrenchpunk. The email reply clearly states, “I’ll try to add Linux support at least within a few months. And I shouldn’t omit it from the first Early Access build either if it turns out to be easy.”
What this translates into, the Gust of Wind native build may arrive on day-one or later. Developed in Unity 3D, this is good news for Steam Deck and Proton advocates. Further stating, “Especially now with Steam Deck being a popular platform, I agree that Linux support is something I should do at some point.”

As for the Gust of Wind story, your hometown is the last safe place on your continent. Still standing strong against a threatening group known as the “redscarves.” The defense of this haven relies on special pneumatic weapons that need a compressor to work. This is where your mission begins, as you and your crew set off across the seas for the device.

Gust of Wind – EA Release Date Trailer

As you embark on the story-driven stealth journey in Gust of Wind, you’ll have the chance to try out different approaches. You can sneak around unnoticed, or climb up high for a better vantage point. There’s even the option to take down your enemies without killing them. Since you can hide their bodies to keep other guards from finding you. If you do get caught, you can defend yourself using simple things like hand tools or torches.

Travel is more than just walking in Gust of Wind . You can sail in boats, or use a grappling hook to scale walls. Even cranes can be useful to reach new places.

In the early access version of Gust of Wind, you’ll have three different missions to play. Due to providing players with about three hours of content. The story isn’t just about action and adventure, but also about survival and trickery. Since your choices in the story affect what happens next.

From the suspenseful story-driven stealth to the exploratory elements, the Gust of Wind adventure is really about giving you the freedom to try different strategies. It’s going to test your thinking, courage, and ability to survive in a world gone wrong. Plus, there’s an amazing soundtrack that adds to the tense, eerie setting. It’s due to keep you on the edge of your seat, eager to see what comes next.
So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam, ahead of Early Access. Showing that Tux Love for Linux and Steam Deck will help support more than a Windows PC build.

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