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Guts and Glory violent stunt action launches today

guts and glory violent stunt action launches today on linux mac windows

Guts and Glory violent stunt action officially launches on Linux, Mac and Windows. Where ordinary people compete in extraordinary challenges of life and death, for glory.

Guts and Glory is about extraordinary challenges of life and death. Players also select from a wide variety of vehicles, including realistic bicycles, poorly built cars, and rocket-powered homemade contraptions. So you can race to the finish line dodging all sorts of hazards. Available on Steam and Humble Store

Which means sawblade windmills, giant wrecking balls, medieval cannons and crazy turrets.

Guts and Glory stunt action Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Since each vehicle is completely physics-driven launches. This means 100% ragdoll riders, realtime dismemberment and vehicle damage. So every turn, every crash and every death is unique—and often results in hilarious scenarios. This also means severed limbs spray blood all over nearby characters and the environment.

Seeing gameplay is all about struggling to hang on and reach the finish line. So again vehicles see dents, a good smashing and losing parts. Since wheels can be popped off or just knocked off completely.

Players on tough tracks will also find themselves hobbling across the finish line. All bloodied up, missing limbs, stuck full of arrows, on a smashed vehicle that’s one hit away from being incapacitated.

Guts and Glory Features:

  • 25 new Official Tracks for the new characters
  • 15 additional Achievements & in-game Rewards
  • 4 YouTuber cameos, including: H2ODelirious, CoryxKenshin, Annoying Orange, and the voice of UberHaxorNova (Pedro)
  • Fun new content from the Kickstarter backers. Such as: Poo Cannons, Laser Cats, Rainbow Unicorn Hats, and the deadly Kangaroo Avengers!
  • 70+ Official Tracks by HakJak
  • 1,000+ Workshop Levels and growing!
  • 8 different physics-driven vehicles with dynamic damage and destruction
  • 100% ragdoll riders, with real-time dismemberment, blood, gore, bones and guts! (plus option to turn this off… or up!)
  • In-Game Level Editor with easy Steam Workshop integration within Linux
  • 500+ Level Editor Items and variations to build and share your own challenges
  • Pedestrian characters to chase down and run over–listen to them scream
  • AI Vehicles that can race in traffic patterns or even chase the player!
  • Destructible props and environments: so you can smash through windows, fences, etc.
  • 40+ Hazards and Special Items: cannons, explosives, wrecking balls, circular saws, poop cannons and more!
  • Manual driver launches — so just leap for the finish line and shave seconds off your time
  • Lots of settings and control customization options.
  • The Halls of Glory: a virtual trophy room for your achievements, dedications to G&G Community members, and some Easter Eggs for you to find
  • Cameos and audio effects by popular YouTubers
  • Tons of bizarre content designed by the Guts and Glory Community
  • 30+ original soundtracks, all copyright-friendly for YouTube, Twitch, etc.

Steam and Humble Store launches:

Guts and Glory is available on Steam and also Humble Store for Linux, Mac and Windows priced at $14.99 USD. While the stunt action launches officially. Now you can bring the official mayhem and carnage.

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