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Gyre: Nova State RPG back on Kickstarter

gyre nova state rpg back on kickstarter for linux mac windows

Gyre: Nova State is an open world RPG back on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games previous campaign had to cancel due to lack of funding. Yet developer Evodant Interactive are back crowdfunding again.

So previously the campaign was to raise $250,000 CAD, but only made to roughly $10,000 CAD. While this crowdfunding campaign is set at $150,000 CAD and at the time of writing having raised $6,254 CAD.

The narrative generation technology contained in Evodant’s Toska Polynarrative Engine. While having worked on this product with over a decade of R&D. Toska creates a dynamic, adaptive story in real-time. So this can create a unique unscripted narrative for every player. It is an AI-based game master.

With this good news, the Beta will have Linux support:

The platforms are Windows 10, Linux, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One. The Alpha is likely to be Windows only. We fully expect to have Mac and Linux support for the Beta.


  • Beautifully Crafted World – a dystopian, bio-steampunk alt-history world. Also one that departs from the revolutions of the mid-1800s’. Fast forward to a populace that has cast aside flesh in favour of metallic, android forms. Mutated plant and animal life punctuate the philosophical themes of society vs nature. Aalong with questions on transhumanism.
  • A Unique, Personal Narrative – an epic, open story with a cast of characters generated in real-time. Or pulled from the Gyre Foundry; a storehouse of player characters and NPC’s. These are in distribution among all stories by all players. So dialogue is partially the creation of natural language generation techniques. So the story can advance in the correct context.

Gyre: Nova State RPG Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

  • Massive Replayability – your choices actually make a difference with a story that adapts all the way through to the end. No story is the same as Toska watches not just the characters and world events but also how the player approaches gameplay and their style of play.
  • Procedural Crafting – Gyre: Nova State offers more than just “random” attributes stacked on to an item of a different colour. Crafting is deep, with the ability to build thousands of combinations of weapons, items and apparel from multiple parts that make sense.
  • Play Your Way – players can crush their enemies through combat via melee, ranged and psionic weapons. They can resolve their challenges through stealth gameplay. Finally, they can choose diplomacy to achieve grand schemes, for good or ill. On top of all that are seven skill trees accessible to all character classes that enhance each style of play in different ways.

Gyre: Nova State the open-world RPG has 27 days left to go for the crowdfunding campaign. Since the Kickstarter is only 4% funded. And we can expect full out Linux support, also Mac and Windows too. So this includes the Beta too.

While the campaign is due to close out on Sat, June 16 2018 12:59 AM EDT.

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