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Gyre: Nova State steampunk RPG Kickstarter

gyre: nova state steampunk rpg kickstarter for linux mac windows games

Gyre: Nova State is a steampunk RPG now on Kickstarter for Windows, yet Linux and Mac support could be incoming. So developer Evodant Interactive is revealing the next evolution in story generation. Since its upcoming RPG titled Gyre: Nova State. Launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

So the narrative generation technology contained in Evodant’s Toska Polynarrative Engine is interesting. Since this is the product of over a decade of R&D. Toska creates a dynamic, adaptive story in real-time. Since this is a unique, unscripted narrative for every player. It is an AI-based game master.

Since this has your attention. There is one key detail, what about Linux support?

Digital Edition Download for PC:This is a Windows version of the game. While we would love to port the game to Linux and Mac, there is extensive effort to do that. We will be focusing on the Windows version to start.”

So this comes directly from the Kickstarter. It also puts Linux and Mac on the list, but not a full confirmation.

Linux support:

“I would actually love to move the entire dev stack to Linux but the team at the time didn’t have enough experience outside Windows/Mac.

We’re using Unreal Engine for development. Right now it’s punctuated by shader and driver issues. Not insurmountable but as a small team, we need to focus on a core product that’s playable first.”

So there you have it, some better news. Still, some may question Linux support not happening. Yet it seems the dev team have plans. Since the style of gameplay is very unique and cross-platform support would be a huge benefit.

Gyre: Nova State is a highly anticipated RPG as it revolutionizes the genre with non-linear, non-branching, unscripted story.

“For years, I kept seeing the same RPG systems and stories-on-rails in video games. The idea I had over a decade ago was to bring the open-ended story and play from table-top RPGs into the digital realm. It’s been a long road and I’m so excited that it’s finally coming alive,” says Dwayne Rudy, founder of Evodant. “With Toska’s unique hybrid cognitive model, I can’t wait to see how each individual player’s story evolves and the kinds of characters that get created.”

Gyre: Nova State – Kickstarter (Windows and hopefully Linux and Mac)

Steampunk RPG – Features:

  • Beautifully Crafted World – a dystopian, bio-steampunk alt-history world that departs from the revolutions of the mid-1800s. Fast forward to a populace that has cast aside flesh in favour of metallic, android forms. Mutated plant and animal life punctuate the philosophical themes of society vs nature along with questions on transhumanism.
  • A Unique, Personal Narrative – an epic, open story with a cast of characters generated in real-time or pulled from the Gyre Foundry; a storehouse of player characters and NPCs that are shared among all stories by all players. Dialogue is partially generated through natural language generation techniques so the story can advance in the correct context.
  • Massive Replayability – your choices actually make a difference with a story that adapts all the way through to the end. No story is the same as Toska watches not just the characters and world events but also how the player approaches gameplay and their style of play.
  • Procedural Crafting – Gyre: Nova State offers more than just “random” attributes stacked on to an item of a different colour. Crafting is deep, with the ability to build thousands of combinations of weapons, items and apparel from multiple parts that make sense.
  • Play Your Way – players can crush their enemies through combat via melee, ranged and psionic weapons. They can resolve their challenges through stealth gameplay. Finally, they can choose diplomacy to achieve grand schemes, for good or ill. On top of all that are seven skill trees accessible to all character classes that enhance each style of play in different ways.

Ex-Bioware designer and producer, Rob Bartel, is on board helping guide the indie team at Evodant. Veteran art director Tom Zuber, accomplished audio lead Andrew Yankiwski, and creative director and inventor of Toska, Dwayne Rudy, round out the team leads.


Gyre: Nova State steampunk RPG will be running the crowdfunding campaign until Fri, April 20 2018 3:40 PM EDT. This means support for Windows, but hopefully Linux and Mac as well. We are waiting on a reply from Evodant Interactive.

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