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Hack 'n' Slash leaves Early Access for 1.0 release and makes source code available

Double Fine fourth wall-breaking #adventure changed listing for Hack ‘n’ Slash to full release in its latest 1.0. As it sounds, you just tell people it’s happened. In addition to finishing the hacking-based adventure’s campaign, Double Fine are also shipping the #game with its source code—giving the community extreme flexibility in their Steam Workshop creations.

To commemorate this, it’s 33 per cent off until 16th September. Ordinarily it will go for $19.99, but right now it’s $13.37. Or you can buy it with the soundtrack for £12.72 (usually £18.99).

The biggest addition between the latest version of Hack ‘n’ Slash and its Early Access edition is the inclusion of the final act where you’ll get to put your hacking skills to use in ascending the villain’s tower. Naturally, Early Access builds will update into the new 1.0 version, so all your progress will remain intact.

Additionally there’s mod support on the Steam Workshop, which could be especially wild since Double Fine is shipping the Hack ‘n’ Slash’s source code alongside the actual game. “The Hack ‘n’ Slash engine is flexible in a lot of interesting ways because of the hacking mechanic, and we’re really excited to see the clever things people can produce with it,” wrote Double Fine producer Greg Rice in the release announcement.


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