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Hadean Tactics roguelike deckbuilding out now

hadean tactics roguelike deckbuilding releases in early access for linux mac and windows pc

Hadean Tactics roguelike deckbuilding releases in Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Emberfish Games. Which is available now with 95% Positive reviews. Available on both Humble Store and Steam.

Raise Hell, Warlock! Two person studio Emberfish Games has just released Hadean Tactics. Which is available now in Early Access. The roguelike deckbuilder brings auto battler elements into the mix. While creating a new experience for strategy players.

In Hadean Tactics, take control of a powerful Warlock. Also use cards to influence the actions of your units as they battle the forces of Hell in turn based combats. While create amazing synergies by combining the cards in your deck and the units in your party. Collect game changing relics and find mysterious events. Traverse procedurally generated maps since players have to try to defeat the Six Wings of Hell.

Hadean Tactics innovates on the 700 year old story of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Lucifer is gone, and in his place, are his six children, hence the Six Wings of Hell. Since each are a mortal sin and a boss to be defeated. Be guided and aided by Virgil. Also explore the different Circles of the underworld. Then uncover the ancient secrets of the realm.

Hadean Tactics Early Access Trailer

“This has been a 2 year journey for the two of us. And we’re finally confident in saying that we’ve crafted a new experience for the genre”, said Lili Lisboa, co-founder of Emberfish Games. “There are already many crazy strategies for players to try out. And we can’t wait to create more as we go through Early Access.”

As an Early Access game, Hadean Tactics releases with:

    • A fully playable Hero, with 8 unique units;
    • 85+ cards;
    • 30+ relics;
    • 30+ enemies;
    • Three acts, each with a different Circle of Hell;
    • Twenty Corruption levels that add challenges to the game.

So it’s time to play your cards right and raise Hell! Hadean Tactics roguelike deckbuilding is available on Humble Store and Steam. Priced at $17.99 USD along with a 15% discount until March 4th. With support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

For more information about Hadean Tactics, please visit the game’s official website. Follow Emberfish Games on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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