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Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition out now on Linux

halcyon 6 lightspeed edition out now on linux mac windows games

Launch into space-tactics overdrive with the release of Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition. Since the games FREE for all existing owners of Starbase Commander on Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is out now on Steam and GOG.
So Massive Damage has pushed the original Halcyon 6 to its limit. While reworking the campaign, streamlining systems, adding new progression. Even tweaking difficulty levels and much more.

So Lightspeed Edition is the result off community feedback. Hence the drive by Massive Damage to innovate their original release. The fantastic fanbase of Halcyon 6 created inspiration. Allowing the developers at Massive Damage to offer the new Lightspeed Edition FREE. Since this goes out to all current Starbase Commander owners.

“But how much was actually changed?” you might ask. Well, everything. Nearly every line of code was analyzed in the process of making Lightspeed Edition. Ensuring players get the best space-combat experience!

“While making Lightspeed Edition we looked at community feedback. And our own internal discussions for what changes we wanted to make. In doing so, we meticulously retraced our steps over every aspect of Starbase Commander. Our team really wanted to offer an improved and expanded Halcyon 6 with the Lightspeed Edition. We’re super proud of what came out of this labour and are extremely excited to see the Halcyon 6 community jump in!” said Ken Seto, CEO of Massive Damage

Lightspeed Edition optimizations and features:

  • Streamlined Campaign greatly speeds up progression. Tightens the games campaign to an action and adventure packed 12 hrs depending on your play style and pace
  • Streamlined All Systems for faster progression, including economy, starbase, resources, and officer levelling.
  • A New Officer Progression System with 6 subclasses, 3 Prestige classes, new skill tree, and over 20+ new Prestige/Epic powers.
  • New Ship Loadout and Config screen will let you customize loadouts (and save them) for your ships just before entering combat
  • Brand New Difficulty Mode called Vice Admiral and slightly increased difficulty across the board
  • Enhanced Combat includes 25+ new alien faction space combat abilities, more combos for both players and enemies, increased faction weaknesses and resistances, and other balancing tweaks
  • New UI Overhaul designed for greater readability and usability. Many quality of life enhancements to all areas of the game, too many to list here.

Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition is available now on both Steam and GOG. Including support for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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