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Half Life 2: Epistle 3 Development Update

half life 2 epistle 3 development update for linux and windows

Half Life 2: Epistle 3 development update from The Project Borealis Team. Those who are bound to creating the Epistle 3 script published by Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw. Who are also releasing their fourth development update. This features the announcement of their upcoming tech demo.

Along with this new update is reimagining of fan-favourite Ravenholm from Half-Life 2. Along with new character concept art.

We reached out the developers regarding Linux support. Seeing this is an Unreal Engine 4 re-creation.

Linux Support:

“Hi Todd, It’s certainly our current intention for the game to have Linux support. And while it’s slightly too early for us to confirm that 100%. Our programming team is definitely enthusiastic to get Project Borealis on Linux.
We’re keeping Linux in mind as we enable new features like Steam Audio. Which doesn’t have Linux support at this time and would fallback to Unreal’s default sound system. If we were to successfully support Linux I expect that it would be at the same time as the game’s Windows release. But we haven’t confirmed a release date yet and it’s quite a ways off at this stage.

We haven’t modified any engine code at this stage. But are tweaking engine settings to optimize performance and enable new features for OpenGL and Vulkan.”

The development team are putting some decent work into the project. It’s also great to see that OpenGL AND Vulkan support incoming. But sadly, there is no release date yet. What really gets me about the project, well you can see in the video below. Since the art style brings a refresh to a classic game.

The video below details the upcoming tech demo. Which also includes footage of the demo’s location. The tech demo is going to be a chance for Half-Life fans to provide feedback on the team’s progress. The team says that “Ravenholm provides an obvious choice for a demonstration of our skills. Taking a fan-favourite location in Half-Life 2 and re-imagining it in Unreal Engine 4 – fourteen years later.”

Half Life 2: Epistle 3 – Development Update 4 (Windows, Linux)

Concept art also shown in the update features new arctic designs for the Headcrab Zombie enemy type. As well as an exploration of the allied Rebel NPCs, and a more detailed environment piece around the idea of a crash site from near the start of the game.

Half Life 2: Epistle 3 also has a number of team openings available in light of the update. Therefore details and forms for these positions are listed HERE.

Project Manager Michael Dunaway commented, “Completing this tech demo has been one of our largest endeavours as a team since starting on this journey nearly a year ago. This upcoming demo lays out the foundation for everything that represents our efforts in bringing the nuanced HL2 experience into Unreal Engine 4. We’re excited to see fans’ reactions to our work and will continue refining the gameplay experience based on the feedback we receive.”

Find out more about the game and follow its progress on the official website. Get involved in discussions about the game by joining the Subreddit or Discord. Make sure to also follow the team on Twitter for future updates.

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