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Half Life 3 and the release delay caused by Valve's own development expectations


Half Life 3” release date #rumors still remain to be unfounded, with limited information to #confirm whether a 3rd installment is really being considered by #Valve. Everyone seems to have tiny scraps of detail as we piece together the culmination of development.

Valve continues to give vague responses and fans are left to wonder if the highly anticipated new game will ever be launched.

Valve Founder Gabe Newell has given countless interviews about the new game’s development, but all of them remain uncertain about the latest installment’s fate.

In one of his interviews, Newell expressed that the growing clamour for the new game and the fans’ expectations will not be put to waste.

Despite numerous reassurances from Valve, fans are starting to lose hope for the 3rd installment.  What could possibly cause the delay?  IGN’s Mitch Dyer speculated that it has something to do with Valve itself.

“He points out that the Valve of the here and now is not the same Valve that existed in 2004; back then, the Half-Life series was the company’s life blood. Since they have found such immense success with the Steam platform they have become a different company, and that isn’t a bad thing – just different. Back in the early aughts, a profound single-player experience was not only craved, it was expected; nowadays, a constant connection to the world is more commonplace. This is can be seen even more clearly through Valve’s most recent productions: DOTA2 (A popular MOBA), Team Fortress 2 (a lighthearted MMOFPS), and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (a more series online FPS),” said an article published on JBG News.

“Half Life 3” release date rumors have surfaced before and during the E3 2014 that Valve will finally announce the official launch date of the latest instalment.

It has been previously reported that former Valve employee Minh Lee saw some studies for “Half Life 3.”  However, the rumor was quickly gunned down by the gaming community since Lee has left Valve several years ago and might have spotted an old and unused “Half Life” artwork.

If it’s any consolation, another “Half Life 3” release date report claims that “Counter Strike” co-creators have already confirmed that the third instalment is underway.

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