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Half-Life 3 prototype outlined in recent video podcast

half-life 3 and prototype outlined in a video podcast linux mac pc

So 2017 is a  new year of trying to find out what’s going with Half-Life 3. While there is nothing incredibly new to #report on the Linux side. Hence a new and interesting bit of #information has come available regarding prototype ideas.

So according to Game Informer’s executive editor Andrew Reiner. The most recent Game Informer podcast highlights various prototypes for Half-Life 3. While these range from an adventure to a real-time strategy game.

While Reiner explains, investigating a story on the game. One developer issued some detals, “legitimate information” regarding the prototypes. Hence noting there was nothing in the process, just a “hot mess.”

“There were so many different prototypes being worked on by small teams of four or five people. It just never got off the ground,” according to Reiner. “They said two of the directions they were going in: one was going to be an RTS game for Half Life 3 or Episode Three. Whatever they were going to call it that changed the script.

“The other involved live actors. It was going to be a new kind of adventure action game with actual actors. Kind of like Night Trap, but far advanced. Apparently they were working on these things.”

While other people Reiner reached out to “didn’t want to talk about it al.” Hence a “dead end after dead end.”

Check out the video for yourself, somewhere around the 4:10 minute mark. This should cover what we discuss here.

So we released news about Half-Life 3 release scheduled for late 2017. Since we could go on forever about the game and the details we scrape up. Sure there are plenty of reasons to keep hope alive, but it’s getting pointless.

If the game is indeed still in the works, hopefully, Valve will release it sometime before the rapture. Well, at least we have Dream Fall Chapters Final Cut to look forward too.


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