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Halloween message from Dying Light with 50% sale for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


As the season for frights and scares approaches, #Techland has prepared a special video message for all #zombie and #horror fans out there.

As can be expected on Halloween, something horrible is going bump in the night. But in the zombie-infested countryside of Dying Light: The Following, those noises turn out to be something rather different. A little more treat than trick this time around.

“If once you’re done partying you still feel like having a bit of a fright this Halloween season, we’ve got the perfect challenge for you” – teases community manager Michał Napora. “In the evening, fire up the game on Hard Mode, turn off all the lights in your room, put on some headphones and see how long you can survive at night without entering the safe zones. Then share your stories on our official social media channels with #GoodNightGoodFright. We’ll give away some cool digital goodies to the best entries next week.”

During the week of Halloween, Dying Light will be 50% off on Steam across the globe.