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Halloween mode now added to Son of a Witch

halloween mode has now be added to son of a witch games linux mac windows pc builds

Halloween mode has now be added to Son of a Witch for the games Linux, Mac, and Windows PC builds. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Bigosaur. Which is available on Steam and still holding 85% Very Positive reviews.

Bigosaur is proud to announce that the Halloween mode update for Son of a Witch is now live on Steam. This update adds a bunch of cool graphic assets and a couple of new achievements. Of the real haunt comes in a new game mode that will only be active until November 2nd every year.

Son of a Witch is an action roguelike for 1-4 players. While focusing on synergies between a myriad of weapons, items, and random potions. Including magic spells and pet companions. Figuring out various game mechanics between those is the way to make your run more challenging or totally over powered. The same feeling you get from Halloween mode. Along with other major roguelike hits like The Binding of Isaac or Dead Cells.

Son of a Witch release trailer

Coupled with a simple 2D movement and combat. The Halloween mode aims to be a perfect package to play in a mix of more and less experienced players. Most of the praise comes from players playing together with their spouses, kids, or friends.

The Halloween mode gives free access to the Hell level, which is the most difficult area of the game. For new players, there’s the RPG mode which lets you avoid the Hell and play through the regular path in case you don’t want to wait for November 2nd.

Here’s the full list of Halloween mode changes:

  • The Pumpkin Witch is the boss on the first level
  • The Ghost of Rahmadanus is the boss on the 3rd level
  • The forest level is invaded with ghosts and skeletons
  • The top of the castle is swarming with bats
  • There’s a new type of dragon
  • The Evil princess has taken over the castle on level 3
  • Access to Hell is open without activating the pentagram

Halloween mode certainly adds more to Son of a Witch. Which is also available now for all Steam owners. While offering a huge 50% discount off the regular $19.99 USD price. Make it the best time to game on Linux, with Mac and Windows PC players. And I believe I also mentioned the 85% Very Positive reviews.

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