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Halver launches its epic puzzle platformer

halver launches the unique puzzle platformer game on linux and windows pc

Halver launches the unique puzzle platformer game on Linux and Windows PC. All of this is possible thanks to the skilled and creative team at Gologames. Available now on Steam with 100% Positive reviews.

The Halver launch caught my attention for a good reason. It’s not just another title in the vast ocean of puzzle platformers; it’s a testament to creativity and precision that stands out distinctly. Released on April 11th, 2024, after seven dedicated years of development, this is a fresh approach to the physics-based puzzle genre on Linux.

The core mechanic is simple yet ingenious: the hero has the ability to split blocks in half with his shots. This ability transforms standard level design into a dynamic puzzle where every shot counts. You’re not just moving from point A to B; you’re reshaping your path to get there. It’s also a unique twist that makes each of the 48 levels feel like a unique test.

What also makes Halver stand out is its visual style, it launches into a blueprint that comes to life. The game’s aesthetic is clean, with a dynamic lighting system and parallax shaders that bring color and vibrancy to every corner of the screen. Since each level is a carefully crafted piece of art. Where the shape, background, and even collectables are part of the puzzle itself.

Halver ― Launch Trailer

The developers have taken great care with the details. For instance, every block’s position is geometrically precise, and all animations are created by hand. This careful attention is why it took seven years to develop. While balancing their main jobs with their passion for creating this title.

Adding to the setting is the ambient Halver soundtrack. It’s a calm experience that blends the gameplay without overtaking it. This music is due to helps players get into a zen-like focus, ideal for solving intricate puzzles.

Beyond just playing, the community aspect is a big part of Halver launch. The level editor invites players to design their own challenges, and finding jumping techniques can lead to new speed running chances. It’s a title that keeps on giving, thanks to its engaging design and the creative potential it offers to players.

Halver is not just a game launch — it’s a unique platformer for creation and community engagement in the puzzle genre. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned puzzle master, it offers a deep, engaging experience that’s worth exploring. Available for both Linux and Windows PC on Steam. Priced at $8.99 USD / £8.09 / 8,99€ with 10% discount.

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  • Gologames
    Apr 15, 2024 7:41 pm

    Thanks you for such wonderful review. And want to mention that we created Linux port after your inquiry. And was important step for Steam Deck support. Good luck with your great website!

    • Todd B.
      Apr 15, 2024 9:40 pm

      Thanks, we’re always happy to share new indie games on Linux.