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Halver physics puzzle platformer to offer a port

halver physics puzzle platformer game to offer a port for linux with windows pc

Halver physics puzzle platformer game to offer a port for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing and creative efforts of developer Gologames. Now offering the community a chance to Wishlist the game on Steam.

Puzzle platformer Halver is coming listed on Steam after 4 years of development. All due to the efforts of Gologames, a little indie team from Russia.

Gologames are also working to offer the Linux community, support. Reaching out via email, here is their reply:

As a result we hope that we will do a Linux support. Some of players on Steam add Halver to Wishlist on Linux platform. And we don’t want to deprive free software lovers possibility to play Halver.

The unique creative efforts Halver are developed in Unity 3D. Since the developer does not publically promise Linux support, they know some players are watching the project, having already asked for a Linux build. As a result, the developer has offered a Linux build but will not share this publically. But they will offer Linux support when the game releases in 2022.

Halver ― Trailer

Halver is an abstract adventure about a rectangle in the blueprint world. The main character can jump and shoot other blocks to divide them into two equal parts


  • Unique gaming skill
    The set of familiar and new mechanics will make you feel at home. But you can also expect a new type of experience in Halver
  • Space for creativity
    Ability to combine a variety of game objects. Since this allows you to invent original puzzle solutions
  • Own visual style
    Interactive animations and measuring lines form a strict blueprint atmosphere. Light effects and emitted particles bring saturation and vivid contrast
  • Carefully created levels
    Each of the 60 levels in Halver is an art object. There is also a story conveyed through a shape
  • Ambient music
    Meditative soundtrack free from disturbing motifs. Due to let players relax and fall into the deeper immersion

Halver physics puzzle platformer is coming to Linux as well as Windows PC. Also available to Wishlist on Steam now. Since we can expect a port when the game launches in 2022.

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