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Hammerting dwarven strategy may get support

hammerting dwarven strategy game may get support for linux beside windows pc

Hammerting dwarven strategy game may get support on Linux with Windows PC. According to developer Warpzone Studios. Just announced and due to arrive on Steam Early Access and later in 2020.

Team17 and Warpzone Studios have their first reveal. Due to arrive in the high fantasy management and strategy game, Hammerting. The games in development for Windows PC. Also scheduled for a Steam launch later this year. But it also looks like there will be a chance of Linux support.

I’d give it maybe a 50/50 chance? We would really like to, we like Linux. But we do need to focus on Windows first.

Since Hammerting is an Early Access release. This is why Windows PC will be a primary focus. And the developer also wants to see how well the build progresses. As the Linux market share is still an issue for many developers.
But that being said, the game engine here is called WarpCore. Which is also due to support modding in the future. Likewise, there will be a lot on the plate for Warpzone going into Early Access. Who are prepared to add more platforms as development progresses.

Hammerting features multi faceted gameplay mechanics. While combining crafting and deep base building. Along with combat and exploration as players manage a colony of industrious dwarves. All fighting to survive in the dangerous cavernous depths. Carving out their territory underneath the Mountains of Mara. Sort of like mixing Terraria and Dungeons 3. A closer look is available to watch now.

Hammerting Mountains of Mara Trailer

Players will also have to helping the colony. So doing things like developing and crafting new weapons. Helping to aid their Overworld allies during an epic war against evil. And during the course of Hammerting, they will face unique challenges. Such as goblin raids on their caverns. To traversing the darkest corners for the most valuable ores to loot. There is also the launch of a new developer diary video series, Into The Forge.


  • Dwarf management: As the colony increases in size active management of the dwarves. Including the friendships they make and their morale. This will be key to helping the war effort
  • Base building: Bore and upgrade a variety of rooms. From forges and sculpting studios to taverns and auxiliary functions. All to help the colony craft the ultimate base
  • Crafting: Build and upgrade a wide variety of items through a deep leveling up system
  • Exploration: Venture into the bowels of the mountainside. And face increasingly risky positions
  • Combat: Different dwarves for different combat situations. Harness weapons from swords to two-handed hammers to overcome goblin invaders

Hammerting dwarven strategy is due to release later in 2020. Coming to both Steam and for Windows PC. And as development progresses, Linux will hopefully squeeze in there too.

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