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Hamster Scramble cute puzzle platformer port plans

hamster scramble cute puzzle platformer port plans for linux mac windows pc

Hamster Scramble cute puzzle platformer game developer port plans for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the creative effort and details from developer Treasure Coast Games. Due to make its way onto Steam with a full release in 2022.

Developer Treasure Coast Games is eager to announce the closed beta. Which is now live for their retro-inspired puzzle adventure game Hamster Scramble. Since the game already going to arrive on Windows PC. Reaching out to the developer, it looks like they have a plan for Linux as well.

We are using Unity to develop the game. We plan to port it to as many systems as possible, Linux included!

So it looks like Hamster Scramble will make its way onto Linux and Mac. Since Unity 3D makes the porting process easier.
However, they have yet to narrow down a release date or a day one debut. Particularly seeing the currently closed beta tests the stability of the game. But also be able to let the dev’s fortify any ailing features.

Hamster Scramble Closed Beta Announcement Trailer

A fresh entry into the puzzle game genre. This is where Hamster Scramble takes the core concepts of beloved retro classics. Due to games like Puzzle Bobble, and builds on them with a unique multiplayer platforming. Along with a screen swapping twist. In each stage, players must chase down colorful hamsters. Then catch them and make matches to clear their board. The side swapping mechanic introduces a new level of interactivity. One that’s also never before seen in the versus puzzle genre. This allows players to invade their opponents’ space. They can even steal hamsters, mess up their boards, and attack them to slow them down.

Hamster Scramble can be played solo, coop or in player versus player mode. Featuring a wholesome adventure campaign. This will follow twins Kaden and Quinn as they rescue a colorful cast of critters. Then help return the hamster village to its former glory.

With an art style and story similar to Saturday morning cartoons. Plus an inventive fusion of classic puzzle mechanics. This is where Hamster Scramble offers hours of delightful platform hopping. Along bubble popping action for families, friends, and retro-puzzle game fans alike!

Kevin McCorkle, lead developer at Treasure Coast games points out “Being our first game, we can’t help but feel excited and proud to see how far Hamster Scramble has come since its inception. We can’t wait for players to join the beta and share their experiences with the game.”

Hamster Scramble‘s closed beta is available on Windows PC. The full release of the cute puzzle platformer is due in 2022 on Linux. Again, there is no official release date or day one details. Stay tuned for more and Wishlist the game on Steam.

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