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Hanako: Honor and Blade gets Free Weekend

hanako: honor and blade gets free weekend on windows no linux

Hanako: Honor and Blade, is a Samurai Ninja multiplayer game on Windows, but no support Linux yet. While there was a post outlining the coming Linux release already. The game now has a Free Weekend on Steam.

So Hanako: Honor and Blade is currently in Early Access on Steam. As previously mentioned the games coming to Linux, eventually. But this is an Unreal Engine 4 title and probably the best time to get it working in Wine or Lutris. Having already put the request in for Lutris via the LGG group on Discord.

After winning “Best Multiplayer of the Year 2017” by IndieDB. The team has been hard at work developing their Early Access 2 edition. Which has officially released on Steam. The new release will introduce a Samurai Archer, New Shiga Forest, Capture the Scroll Map and more.

Hanako: Honor and Blade Early Access 2 Patch (Windows, no Linux yet)

Travel through a beautiful, fictional rendition of the 16th century of Feudal Japan. Choose between four types of warriors as you learn to master intuitive. Diving into directionally-driven swordplay. While also choosing unique abilities to ensure victory over your foes.

Hanako: Honor and Blade is available on Steam for a free weekend, June 14th-17th, So everyone can sample the game with the updates included. Even the full price of the game on Early Access is only $6.99 USD. Again this is a Windows title at the moment. But worth testing in Wine or Lutris. Which I have not had the time to mess with.

“Since our first early access release, focused completely on melee – we wanted to bring the Samurai Archer to the game and add new features we’ve been waiting to develop for years. There have been melee games with Samurai, but I’m confident that focusing on Samurai and Ninja offers a fast-paced engaging game experience at a quality level typically seen in AAA games. We hope to keep improving and adding things outside of matches to keep working towards full 1.0 release.” says Matt Canei, Lead Developer at +Mpact

Free Weekend on Steam:

Hanako: Honor and Blade is available on Steam Early Access. As mentioned, priced at $6.99 USD and multiplayer gameplay is a blast. But I have yet to get the game running via Wine in Linux.

So if you want to take up the adventure, let me your results in the comments below.

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