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Hanako: Honor and Blade games native release

hanako: honor and blade games native release linux windows

Hanako: Honor and Blade takes players online via Steam Early Access for Windows, but a Linux release is incoming. The games an
immersive experience in Feudal Japan. Which is also an impressive creation from +Mpact Games. Using Unreal Engine 4 for the games development. So, where is the Linux release?

Linux support:

So the positive news. As for when we can expect a Linux release. After console according to +Mpact Games, “the faster we can get on console.”
Since the team are eager to release on consoles first. Then port to Linux, “I’d like to triple release in October on pc, xbox, ps4.” Which means a full release by next October, including Linux as well as Windows.
Since the two member developer team are working their magic. Here’s hoping with enough effort we’ll see a Linux release sooner. Seeing it’s confirmed to be “in the plan.”

Hanako: Honor and Blade Early Access Trailer (Windows, and later Linux)

Serve a clan to defeat your opponents throughout a multi-map campaign. Master your class’ directionally-driven combat, abilities, and spirit-based skills to get an extra edge. Enjoy a game that is easy to learn, difficult to master but seeks to capture the Soul of the Samurai.

The artistic qualities and backstory of the game serve as a symbolic tribute to team lead, Matt Canei’s late mother. The art and lore of the game represent an everlasting struggle of life and death, health and disease and the natural balance of opposing forces to metaphorically represent real-life tragedies and to honor those lost.

Journey Across Feudal Japan, on a symbolic campaign representing a personal trial of life and death of a lost loved one. Experience multiple levels and game modes to bring peace or chaos, in (up to) 24 player online battles.

Choose Warriors destined to decide the future of Japan: The Kenshi (Swordsman), Naginatashi (Pikeman), or Ninja (Assassin). All featuring their own style of combat, movement and weaponry.

Master Combat through discovery of different attacks, abilities and combos. Our combat system features multiple offensive stances driven by your movement, defensive techniques (such as the grappling hook) and abilities (ranging from acrobatic combos to multi-enemy sweeps to multi-hit combos).

Steam games release:

Hanako: Honor and Blade is currently available on Steam Early Access priced at $6.99 USD. The full release is due October 2018 for Windows and Linux. While we may or may not see the native release before that. So stay tuned.

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