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Hand of Fate 2 releasing for Linux, but when?

hand of fate 2 is still coming to ubuntu linux mac and windows games

Hand of Fate 2 brings a host of new mechanics coming to the table for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. While set to improve on every element of the games original hit predecessor. Companions will fight at your side, new challenges will test your skills. While a swathe of new opponents will fight against you. So the coming action RPG will blend roguelike dungeon crawling. Along with tabletop roleplaying and collectable card games. Yet we still don’t have a release date from Defiant Development.

So we reached out to Defiant, as it seems a release date is not available. Yet development is still well underway. So much so that Defiant wants to ensure a solid release on Steam:

“We’re getting close to a date, but we won’t reveal it until we’re sure we can hit it.”

Hand of Fate 2 builds on the original game’s distinct RPG storytelling. With a combo-driven combat and the addition of companions. New fighting styles to accompany the addition of two-handed and dual-wielded weapons. While including new level objectives, a map-based meta board game. Plus powerful new cards which can instantly sway a game in the player’s favour.

Hand of Fate 2 Trailer:

In Hand of Fate 2, the magical dealer returns to train a new heroine in the game of life and death. So she can exact revenge on the protagonist of the first Hand of Fate, who now rules as a xenophobic tyrant.

The game’s challenges will be built from collectible cards. Players will create a deck from these cards, which the dealer then adds his own trials to, before laying out a hand to create a board game. Our heroine will travel from one card to the next, revealing new challenges to overcome including fierce third-person combat, dangerous locations to explore, tense minigames, and Dungeons & Dragons-style decision making.

The original Hand of Fate garnered more than 2.2 million downloads.

For more information please like Defiant Development on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or visit the official website for Hand of Fate 2. Which is still coming to Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows sometime soon.

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