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Happy Lab puzzle sim has a native Demo

happy lab the new puzzle sim game has a native demo for linux and windows pc

Happy Lab the new puzzle sim game has a native Demo for Linux and Windows PC. All of this is thanks to the tireless effort and imagination of the folks at Sunset TEKO. Working to make its way onto Steam but gives you a chance to play on itch.

As the player, you’ve just started an internship at Happy Lab, which is a high-tech science lab. Which focuses on robots and fancy gadgets. You’re not just any intern, though – you’re responsible for training Aurora, their state of the art artificial intelligence. Together, you are on a mission to build the best, most advanced armor anyone’s ever seen. And if you come across any bugs or problems, you will also need to fix them.

Happy Lab isn’t just an ordinary lab. It’s also full of mystery and adventure. It’s like stepping into another world full of creative gear to interact with. There are puzzles to solve that test your understanding of physics. Along with hidden secrets waiting to be discovered.

Happy Lab stocked with everything you’d want. There’s 6 crazy weapons at your disposal, including gear that would sound totally wild like tennis ball launchers that make a BOOM. A gun called the creeper gun. There’s also 13 different kinds of traps, some classic like mines and spikes, and others that feel straight out of a sci-fi movie, like portal and pulse traps.

Happy Lab – Trailer

Your days are far from boring. It’s a whole adventure spread over three parts, where you’d do everything from normal things like having a cup of coffee (they’ve got a cookie dispenser too for when you’re feeling peckish) to more exciting things like setting up traps and inflicting damage. The better things you do, the more you get to upgrade your traps. It’s like they pay you for being creative.

And if you ever get a bit bored of all that, there’s a Sandbox Mode where so you can let loose and build the craziest trap ever. Or grind your way to some unique achievements. Plus, Happy Lab also has tough boss challenges that test your quick thinking and ability to bounce back.

The Sunset TEKO team didn’t stop there – they even connected via email for the Happy Lab Linux Demo. And also sparked a discussion on Reddit about the puzzle sim game.

So, get ready for a wild ride at Happy Lab, since this puzzle sim is going to be unusual. Along with just a bit of chaos! Along with some unique weapons and traps to play with, and quite a few challenges to conquer. The game Demo is available for Linux and Windows PC on itch. If you want to play via Proton, check it out on Steam.

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