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Happy New Year 2017 from Linux Game Consortium

happy new tears 2017 from linux game consortium

So Happy New Year, which according to the Gregorian calendar falls on January 1. Hence one of the most #popularoccasions around the globe. Beyond religion, ethnicity, caste and creed it’s a common festivity enjoyed by all. So this is the culmination of the long #holiday #season. While it marks a new beginning, symbolising new hope and a fresh start.

So there are amazing parties and fanfare. Hopefully some livestreams and Linux gamers embarking on the true joy of the season. We are all ready to welcome 2017 and leave behind the bygones. From sad memories to shocking incidents, from failures to AAA ports. So there’s a belief that we will slip into the coming year with replenished soul and vigour. To conquer the best and defeat the worst. Well maybe after Owlboy releases on Linux.

Around the world to mark the new year there are many unusual traditions that people follow. While in Latin American countries believes something as bizarre as the colour of your underwear may affect the coming year. British folklores believe sweeping your house of the New Year’s day will sweep away all the good luck out of the door! No matter what you choose to believe and follow, everyone just hopes the next year will be even better for Linux gaming.

So to celebrate the coming new year, we would like to wish our friends and readers a very Happy New Year 2017.