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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year from Linux game consortium

Everything about the future is uncertain in Linux gaming. But one thing is for sure that there is always a bigger plan for tomorrow. The number of Linux games just keeps growing. So we can welcome more content on the way.

It’s a New Year and the best time to renew ones outlook on things. The gaming community has to remove some bias. Since titles make a debut on PC and yet still hold off on native support. The community involvement and making a difference in SteamDiscussions is still a huge influence.

Since this obviously keeps the developer in the know. The more time and effort we spend supporting game developers. Then the more likely we will see more Linux in the mix. Well that and more sales per game. So if you follow Linux gaming news. Chances are we will issue new content to vote for on via Steam.

So Happy New Year 2018. Let this year be the best year to make a significant change in gaming.

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