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Hard West: Scars of Freedom expansion now available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


An escaped slave-turned-vigilante, Libertee falls prey to the experimentations of a mad surgeon. Her body twisted, but enhanced with #supernatural abilities, she sets off in pursuit of the doctor only to find herself torn between #vengeance and the threat of a much more powerful enemy.

Available now for Hard West, Scars of Freedom is a downloadable scenario merging gothic #horror and the wild west in an original tale of revenge, offering seven missions of deadly tactical combat, 10 playable characters, and a morbid new method of character customization.

Players can once again customize their gunfighters, though Scars of Freedom offers a more…literal take on character-building by swapping out body parts to enhance Libertee’s abilities. Transplant a gambler’s liver to bring bad luck to those around you or a vampire’s brain to grant the ability to regenerate in the shadows, and transform Libertee into a walking force of destruction.

Scars of Freedom is a downloadable scenario for Hard West and available today for $2.99, and free to all Kickstarter backers. Out now for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on Steam and GOG.