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Harebrained Schemes releases gameplay images for Necropolis

Harebrained Schemes’ latest game Necropolis, blends third-person #combat with #procedurallygenerated #dungeons and along with unique animations.
Since the title was announced in November, the team has finally seen fit to release gameplay visuals in the form of gifs of its a new project.

Necropolis is the work of Harebrained Schemes, the studio founded by Jordan Weisman, the creator of Shadowrun Returns and other series.

Necropolis, a third-person action roguelike, places the player in command of an adventurer infiltrating a looting “a huge complex constructed by magic.” Those who enter and perish end up working for this machine, either “repurposed as Automatons” or operating the machinery that changes the dungeon. The game is planned for release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC, with console versions listed as “TBD” for now.

Currently more of a concept, these images should help piece together what Necropolis is shaping up to be.




For those who are going to be in Boston in two weeks, the Necropolis pre-Alpha demo will be showcased at PAX East March 6-8.