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Harmony’s Odyssey adventure coming soon

harmony's odyssey 3d fantasy adventure puzzle game coming to linux mac windows pc

Harmony’s Odyssey 3D fantasy adventure puzzle game coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the work and creativity of developer MythicOwl. Getting ready to leap onto Steam next month.

Meet wonderful, curious creatures with lives full of comedy and drama. Since fables and urban legends are shared on smartphones. While a dragon can sometimes get stuck in traffic. A trio of penguins looking to shoot some selfies? Minotaurs preparing for another Bull Football match? All that and more is due to arrive in Harmony’s Odyssey on October 19th.

Harmony’s Odyssey – Official Gameplay Trailer

Harmony’s Odyssey is a cozy 3D adventure puzzle game. One that also revolves around solving fantasy dioramas. All full of mythical creatures, fables, and mysteries to uncover. Take on a journey through a variety of tile based puzzles. There are also exciting mini-games and treasures full of magic. Meet the cyclopes with phone addiction and full time mummy detectives. There are legendary dragon mice and a clever wizard. Since you will help rebuild their world piece by piece and restore harmony.

Harmony’s Odyssey features various kinds of tile-based puzzles. Some are like jigsaws, but with a twist. Complete with a land full of creatures mixing both myth and modern times. Solve puzzles to reveal a set of engaging, mini games inspired by party classics. Enjoy all game modes with friends or family in a great couch co-op mode. While you work together or compete to better your scores!

Main Features:

  • Over 100 dioramic puzzles full of fantastic creatures and magic.
  • 8 unique biomes to visit, arrange, and complete.
  • 7 types of exciting mini-games to enjoy in Harmony’s Odyssey.
  • Challenging yet easy to understand gameplay mechanics.
  • Magical treasures to unlock and enhance your gameplay.
  • A cozy and chilled out setting to help you relax.

Harmony’s Odyssey 3D fantasy adventure puzzle game will launch on October 19th. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. Due to arrive on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.