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Harold racing platformer now available on Steam for 25% off


Every genre has it’s #hero, and as the guardian angel-in-training assigned to watch over Harold (our hero), you watch over him as he competes in a series of increasingly complicated and dangerous obstacle courses. #Summoning all your otherworldly might to get this hopeless contender across the finish line in first place. Shoot lightning and move heaven and earth to open up new ways forward for Harold while delaying the other racers just long enough for him to win.

Playing as Gabe, your task it to save your human runner from imminent death by manipulating obstacles in diverse, challenging courses. To edge out the other runners and prove your angelic abilities you’ll need every ounce of cunning foresight you can muster, because your greatest hindrance is the oafish clumsiness of Harold himself!


  • Art Style: Inspired by classic 2D Disney and animated films, Harold is one of the most visually
    stunning and stylistic games ever created, with richly drawn characters and vibrant background
  • Meticulously Detailed Animations: Hand-drawn animations offer a deep and detailed game
    blending 2D and 3D art with custom rendering techniques. Each scene features over 100 layers,
    adding incredible depth and creating a new yet familiar, artistic style.
  • A Team of Artistic Veterans: Moon Spider’s team has a rich background in animation and
    gaming, with members having worked on movies like Lion King, The Iron Giant and Princess
    Mononoke, and games such as Alone in the Dark and The Saboteur.
  • Action-Packed Racing: Protect and guide Harold through a number of treacherous courses
    littered with obstacles and determined opponents to defeat. Use your angelic powers to
    manipulate environments, delay other racers and give Harold a bit of a heavenly ‘boost’ when
  • Difficulty in different Paths: Each course as multiple routes to victory that players will have to
    work to learn. While accessible to everyone, only the best of the best will figure out the perfect
    way to earn first on each track. Harold’s spirit embodies the challenging titles of an earlier
    generation of games, ensuring hours of replayablity.
  • Sound: A 30-person gospel choir provides a custom, one-of-a-kind dynamic soundtrack.


How-to, quick tips, and pointers to get your started:

  • Use the angelic tools on the course to help Harold move faster or to “delay” the other racers.
  • Timing is everything, so think twice about how you use each tool; you may even find a shortcut!
  • There is a balance to using the angelic tools on the obstacle course to your advantage; you can
    time it well to put yourself in the lead, or use it to slow down another racer… the choice is yours.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different routes, even shaving off a few seconds could determine your
    standing in the race.

    • There are three facets to every course:
      • Practice: so you can check out all of the obstacles and plan the best course of action.
        Collect all the stars in Practice mode to receive an additional boost in the race
      • Race
      • Challenge: play this mode to see if you can complete the perfect run!
        That’s all

Harold is an impressive side-scrolling platformer racing game. Right now only available on Windows PC, but on the upside the title is built using Unity and does work well using PlayOnLinux with the native Steam install.

Still looking for more information, check out the official website for Moon Spider Studio.


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