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Harvest Days at gamescom and the Kickstarter

harvest days farm sim game coming to gamescom and the kickstarter is due soon for linux mac windows pc

Harvest Days farm sim game coming to gamescom and the Kickstarter is due soon for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to further details from indie studio Family Devs and publisher Toplitz Productions. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2022.

Harvest Days is coming to the gamescom 2021 countryside. Since the developers are getting ready to deliver a fresh crop of gameplay trailers, details, and announcements. Harvest Days will be featured from August 25th to 29th at the Indie Arcade Village. Doing so along with the Toplitz-published Starsand (no Linux).

Harvest Days invites players to take things easy. So you can unwind and enjoy yourself out in the wide open countryside. Become a farmer and cornerstone of a small but friendly community. While you befriend the townsfolk and immerse yourself in the joys of the countryside. Go horseback riding, fish, plant, and grow food to be sold. Harvest Days features an enormous open world and a charming low poly aesthetic. Due to all the heart and soul, you’d expect from a father and son team’s passion project. See the amazing new gamescom exclusive trailer now.

Harvest Days – Gamescom Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

A new life in the country is calling! Fulfill your dreams and manage your very own farm in this open world game. Work hard, manage your business wisely and your little farm might grow. While offering you a personal paradise, surrounded by boundless, untouched nature.

All these years you’ve had your nose to the grindstone, working 8 to 5. As a result, all you’ve gotten out of it is a growing sense of emptiness. Maybe a sense that you’re missing something fundamental. Childhood memories of simpler, more carefree times have been growing louder every day. Harvest Days is full of vivid memories of days spent visiting your grandparents in the country. You dream of living surrounded by friendly animals and cheerful neighbors. All while you enjoy the fruits of your own labor.

So, enough is enough – it’s time for a change, and make that dream a reality! Pack up everything you can carry and head out to the country for a new start. Take over a small, forgotten farm and become one with nature. Care for the animals, tend to your garden, then harvest and share your fruits. So with hard work, you’ll be rewarded with a farmer’s paradise to call your own in Harvest Days.


  • Become a farmer! Grow fruits and veg, look after animals and sell your produce to the locals.
  • Get the most out of your free time! Go fishing at the lake, chat with your neighbors, or take your horse for a ride through scenic, wild settings. Never forget to put relaxation on the agenda.
  • Explore an open game world! Discover natural caves full of minerals, a ruined and mystical temple, a mysterious swamp bubbling with secrets, and far more.
  • Develop your relationship with the locals! Become part of the village community and make new friends.
  • Buy, sell and trade! Sell what your farm provides, invest the profits and watch your paradise grow day by day.
  • Gather and build! The world of Harvest Days is rich with resources. Gather wood, stone, minerals, gems, and even magic mushrooms to produce tools, meals, and mystery items.
  • Catch a ride! Don’t wear your legs to the bone, or your horse’s – pick the right vehicle for the job. Harvest just a little too bountiful for one farmer? Invest in some heavy hardware to do the job..
  • Every farm is unique! Develop your new home as you see fit, make choices without pressure, and focus on what makes you smile.
  • Don’t forget about yourself! It’s not just your farm that needs tending to. Eat, drink, get plenty of rest and unwind when you need to. What’s the point of paradise if you don’t slow down to enjoy it?.


There’s only 1 week left before the Kickstarter campaign for Harvest Days goes live on August 31st. If you are a follower of the pre-launch you will have select rewards and a special discount. But it’s only available for the first backers.

Due to release into Early Access in 2022. Players won’t have to wait long to get a better look at this charming but ambitious game. Harvest Days is coming to Kickstarter for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Also, check out the game during gamescom for more announcements and details.

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