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Haunt a First Person Horror for Linux

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Some time ago Mark Hadley (AgentParsec) created a game that captivated gamers around the world. Slender: The Eight Pages, available for free on Windows and Mac this was a short, experimental game that helped to breathe new life into the horror genre through its use of pure, uncensored fear.

Inspired by this game and its success Haunt (formerly known as Haunt: The Real Slender Game) is an adventure/horror game released for Linux, Mac and Windows that bring you in these terrifying setting.



An unnamed male character comes across an abandoned pickup truck outside the fenced off Green Park in Poland. The truck belongs to a paranormal investigation/historical preservation organization known as, Project: HAUNT. Along with the truck the character discovers a portfolio with a document regarding the purpose of Project: HAUNT. Out of curiosity, the unnamed male ventures into the park to investigate the whereabouts of the organizations members and their discoveries by collecting a set of documents and photographs as well as keys to locked off locations within the parks grounds.

The story of Haunt is different from the original Slender Man mythos and story. By reading the scraps of paper found in the game (if the player has the chance to do it, since standing still for too long will make Slender Man kill you), the player discovers that the Project: HAUNT members caught a group of periodists that were in the building area. Mark Slender (one of the periodists) managed to escape the building and was able to hide in a bunker near the building, but the project members found him and burned him inside the bunker, which failed to instantly kill him but managed to burn his face beyond recognition. The group then left Mark for dead and the “Mark Slender case” was closed, but the project members began to experience paranoia as well as other symptoms.

The gameplay

The point of this game is to find all the scraps of the notes, in which each one has information about what happened. The player will also find the park map billboard in a lot of areas, to find out where they currently are. In addition, there are keys you’ll need to find to unlock access to some of those places, and there are special photos to find on the Gamer and Paranormal difficulty level settings.

The game has 3 difficulty settings:

Noob – Infinite Flashlight / Map Markers / Small Slender Agro / No Extra Photos To Find / Darkness Will Never come
Gamer – Batteries / No Markers(This is currently bugged) / Medium Slender Agro / Extra Photos To Find / Night Will Come
Paranormal – Batteries / No Markers / High Slender Agro / Extra Photos To Find / Game Starts At Night

So to see all the photos and information available you should end the game at “Paranormal”, but I suggest to start as “Gamer” in your first couple of games, and if you are killed right from the start don’t worry…it’s normal.


The files are waiting for authorization (IndieDB and Desura) and the game it’s on the greenlight program on Steam so at the moment the best way to get the .zip file with the full game it’s download it from Game Front, if your country it’s on the “white list” of this provider, Italy is not 🙁 , while it’s allowed from United States and many other countries.

If your country is not allowed on Game Front you can use atomicgamer as alternative, but for me it’s been painfully slow.

Once downloaded the file unzip it and rename the folder Haunt_1_Data in Haunt_1.1_Data, after that you should be able to run Haunt_1.1.x86_64 and play the game, from a terminal you can use these commands:

mv Haunt_1_Data/ Haunt_1.1_Data
chmod +x Haunt_1.1.x86_64

Please remember that it’s still a beta version and there could be some bugs in the game.

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