Haunted Jail: Alcatas 2D survival horror releases

haunted jail alcatas 2D survival horror releases in linux windows pc games

Haunted Jail: Alcatas 2D survival horror releases in Linux and Windows PC games. Thanks to developer Anamik Majumdar. Who released the game with a pretty big discount on Steam.

Haunted Jail: Alcatas focuses on Alcatas island. Which is also famous for the dark history. With the most haunted prison in Alcatas. The prison was built in 1859 initially as the U.S. Military defense. And since then as long term military prison during 1868.

Long before the prison was even on the land. There was a rumour stating that the land was haunted. The place had an unpleasant feeling from the very beginning. Since the earliest people were the Native Americans. Fast forward to the early 1940’s. Where reports of some prisoners being shot to death. Due to the work of the Haunted Jail: Alcatas guards. This also includes a punishment chamber. With various means including the beatings. Also electric shock treatment etc. Resulting in deaths of some prisoners.

Haunted Jail: Alcatas Official Trailer (Linux, Windows)

So now their spirits are stuck inside Haunted Jail: Alcatas. Plus the majority of the jail is no open anymore. All due to various reasons except the A-Block. No prisoners are in B, C and D-Block. Due to many reports of the paranormal events. Hence the sounds of cell door slamming. Also voices, gunshots, screams too. Which is still audible to this day.

Anyone who enters the building has paranormal experiences. While the office of Alcatas Island are in denial about the paranormal.
While gameplay has the player exploring Haunted Jail: Alcatas. Similar to that of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The games sound effects actually have you on edge. So the style of gameplay is solid. And dirt cheap on Steam.


  • Explore the Haunted Prison and experience the paranormal.
  • Face your fears while you are exploring the creepy corridors and secret rooms.
  • Explore the Spirit world of Haunted Jail: Alcatas.
  • Lots of spirits and demons lurking in the shadows.
  • Nearly Half an hour duration of Paranormal Investigation.

Haunted Jail: Alcatas 2D survival horror releases on Steam. Priced at only $0.59 including the 40% discount. Which runs until April 26th. Playable on both Linux and Windows. That games worth if you like suspense.

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