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Haunts: The Manse Macabre – A Few Hours Left

The turn-based horror campaign coming to a


The Game

Haunts: The Manse Macabre is a turn-based game for PC/Mac/Linux that allows players to take control of either the haunting denizens that have earned this infamous home its dire reputation or as the intrepid intruders determined to pry loose the Tyree Manse’s dread secrets. It can be played versus another player or versus the AI, online or all alone. A lengthy single-player campaign tells the house’s horrifying history and unlocks new denizens and intruders to use in the game. Scores of maps combined with variable goals, customizable rosters, and a variety of opponents offer endlessly unique and re-playable games.

I guess when you hit 3 days to go, Kickstarter switches over to hours! So, with less than 4000 minutes left on this roller-coaster ride of a crowd-funding experience, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you once again to all of you fine, generous folk.

Thank you!

We’ve reached our stretch goal for the second Evil Genius, which I’m very excited about, since I think she’s awesome (there’s a reason she was the first stretch goal). We still have time to add our Orlock-style vamp into the mix as well!

There’s also still time to bump up your pledge to t-shirt level – especially you already generous folks who’ve given $35. For just ten more, hey, cool, limited edition t-shirt! But if not, that’s cool too. We’re just psyched to have your support.

Speaking of $35-level supporters, you all get Beta access. Right now we’re shooting to have the first Beta for your to hammer away at in late August. Our private Alpha is a couple weeks away, and is shaping up to have every feature except multi-player. So the time between then and the beta will all be for implementing multi-player so you guys can test it. And making more assets and levels and such of course.

Thanks again for all the support, and enjoy our final hours!

Rick Dakan

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