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Hazeron Starship due to colonize a universe

hazeron starship first person exploration sim game is available on linux and windows pc

Hazeron Starship first person exploration sim game is available on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the imaginative team at Hazeron Freehold for their exceptional work. Available now on Steam with Positive reviews.

Imagine you’re starting an adventure in a huge, open universe as your playground. In Hazeron Starship you begin as someone living on an early planet, kind of like the early humans on Earth. Your first tasks are basic but crucial: hunting for food and avoiding dangerous animals. It’s all about survival at this stage.

As you get the hang of living in this world, you start finding various resources around you. These could be minerals, water, or other valuable things you find in nature. You then learn to build mines and wells to collect these resources better. This is where things start getting more interesting.

You’re not just surviving Hazeron Starship now; you’re building something bigger. You establish an empire to manage your growing list of activities and successes. Part of this first person exploration sim includes founding a city. Such as being the mayor of your own city, deciding what buildings to construct and managing everything that goes on. Since your city becomes a hub for turning natural resources into useful items.

Your civilization continues to grow and evolve. One of the best advancements is the ability to make space rockets. These aren’t just for show – you use them to explore your solar system. Launching into space, leaving your home planet behind, and touching down on entirely new worlds.

Hazeron Starship Trailer

Each Hazeron Starship world you discover is unique and might have resources you’ve never seen before. Some of these worlds might be dangerous, but that’s part of the adventure. You establish cities on these new planets to gather resources, which you then send back to factories on your home planet.

Now, let’s talk about star travel. Initially, you can travel to any star you see in the sky, but it’s a big challenge. But here’s where it gets better: you eventually develop technology to make starships that can travel instantly through wormholes. This means you can jump to other solar systems in the blink of an eye.

The Hazeron Starship starships are your personal space bases. You can walk around inside them, operate various controls, and even have a crew of computer controlled characters to help you out. While being the captain of your own spaceship.

But what if you’re not into designing your own spaceships and buildings? No problem! There’s Steam Workshop where you can find incredible designs created by other people. This is great since it means you can enjoy a wide variety of spacecraft and buildings.

The Reviews:

Hazeron Starship, despite its dated graphics, the game’s depth is unmatched. Since it offers a seamless universe across galaxies with no loading screens, realistic planetary orbits, and a vast array of activities. Such as building cities, designing starships, and exploring diverse terrains. It combines the empire building of Sim City with the detailed ship construction of Empyrion, creating an experience that’s both challenging and deep. While it might be intimidating for newcomers, its rich gameplay and creative freedom make it a must-try for Linux space game fans.

Hazeron Starship first person exploration sim will have you start from scratch on an early planet. While learning to survive and then thrive. You progress to building cities, managing resources, and advancing your technology. Eventually, you’re exploring space, discovering new worlds, and even hopping between solar systems with advanced tech. Hazeron Starship is a journey from the ground to the stars, where your decisions shape your adventure! Priced at $19.99 USD / £16.75 / 19,50€ on Steam. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.

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