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Headliner: NoviNews a support update question

headliner noviNews a support update question for linux

Headliner: NoviNews has a new support update for Linux. Thanks to Chorus Worldwide and Unbound Creations. The developers are also releasing a console port on Playstation and on the Microsoft Store. So what better time to get an update on Linux development.

Headliner: NoviNews is an award winning adventure. Where players control the news and its impact on society. Originally released on Steam and Itch in October 2018 with 95% positive user reviews. But also available on Mac and Windows PC. While Linux does have an “experimental support” on via Steam. There are still are some graphic issues.

Regarding the Linux Support update:

The Linux version is available and up to date on both Steam and However, a small subset of Ubuntu users has been experiencing a blue-screen bug. Which we are unable to to fix. It is an issue with Unity itself. (I read reports from other Unity developers and Ubuntu). We were also unable to upgrade to a newer version of Unity. Due to changes in the engine breaking things.

Either way, we will keep the Linux build up to date with any future updates we might have. Even if it’s still unofficial.

So now that we know the details behind the Headliner: NoviNews release. Sometimes as useful as Unity 3D can be, there are technical issues. And the developers are quite candid about the problem.
Since the developers want to “set Linux as officially” supported on Steam”. What would you advise?

Therefore, now is the time to share your thoughts in the Discussions thread.

Headliner: NoviNews is an official nominee for IndieCade 2019. And also recently won the “Games for Good” silver award. At Serious Play Conference 2019 and ‘4Gamer’s Indie Award’ at Tokyo Game Show 2019. The game also won “Best Overall Game” at Intel Buzz Seattle, 2018. Plus it’s a finalist for Best Action & Adventure Game at the 2018 TIGA Awards. While taking part in the Official Selection at PAX West 2018’s Indie Megabooth. As well as at Seattle Indies Expo 2018.

Headliner: NoviNews Trailer

Set in the fictional country of Novistan. Players take the role of a ‘Headliner’. A chief editor of the country’s largest news publication, NoviNews. As a Headliner, the player must decide which stories to run. While balancing the local political climate. Along with social bias and personal interactions. After making executive decisions behind the desk. Headliner: NoviNews lets the player observe the impact and outcome of the stories published in NoviNews. With big potential for random events and articles to report on. Players will take on numerous outcomes and unique endings. While keeping you coming back to play the game time and time again.


  • A city that changes and responds to your media influence
  • Cast of believable characters with their own struggles
  • Numerous outcomes and unique endings
  • Randomized events and articles enhance replay value

Headliner: NoviNews is available on Steam and Itch. Priced at $13.99 USD. There is a playable build on both stores for Linux. So share t your thoughts for the support update.

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