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Heart Chain Kitty platform adventure releases

Heart Chain Kitty platform adventure releases on linux and windows

Heart Chain Kitty is a big 3d platform adventure that releases on Steam for Linux and Windows. Taking players into gameplay similar to that of Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario 64.

So developer origamihero games point out that there’s a chance you’ll like the game based on Banjo Kazooie or Mario Sunshine. Which may feel at home but there is a bit more added to the formula. Which is actually a continuation of the developers previous freeware game series ‘A Game with a Kitty‘.

When a heart-shaped stranger rolls up riding a whale, he also brings very personal news for Kittey. Who sets out on a quest to find his parents. While facing what remains of a world nearing its end.

Heart Chain Kitty features inventory items to interact with the world or its inhabitants. There are also optional quests and hidden levels. Since the way forward isn’t always going to be collecting this game’s version of McGuffins. But should help you along your way.

Kittey can jump quite well. But he’ll also get additional moves quickly. There’s the Hat Glide, the Power Glove (good for punching people in the face) and its Screw Ray upgrade. That last upgrade gives players a way to dominate screws and bolts all over the world. Later on you’ll also ride bottle rockets and do tricks in the sky using the zoom ability.

Don’t forget to buy some strength-enhancing cakes from your nerd bro. And maybe some of Darling’s life hearts. You’ll need ’em!

Heart Chain Kitty the platform adventure Trailer (Linux, Windows)


  • Self-generating Voxel World
  • Maps (level/overall)
  • Steam Cloud Saving
  • A chubby Kitty as a protagonist
  • Hippos
  • Two secret Bosses & optional levels and challenges
  • Quests
  • A Robot Mom
  • Nerds (plural because there’s more than one)
  • 2.5d Levels – hidden 2d levels in a 3d platformer
  • Two endings (and one non-ending)

Heart Chain Kitty releases on Steam for Linux and Windows. Priced at $12.74 USD right now, including a 15% discount until November 30th. Where the price returns to the full $14.99 USD.

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