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Hearth and Home first major update release date

hearth and home the games first major update gets a release date for valheim via linux and windows pc

Hearth and Home the games first major update gets a release date for Valheim via Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuous efforts of developer Iron Gate. Due to release on Steam Early Access and Humble Store.

Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio are eager further detail for Hearth and Home. Since this is Valheim’s first major update. Which has release date of September 16th, with a feast of new features. All by the will of the Allfather. Revealed with an animated trailer that aired during Gamescom Opening Night Live. The critically acclaimed open world co-op survival game will be getting its first major update. Due to bring a hoard of new content to the Norse afterlife on Linux and Windows PC..

The new trailer follows the solitary journey of a bold viking. Who has also single handedly slain the mighty Moder and now journeys back home. Upon his arrival, a lush feast awaits in the grand hall. While giving fans a cinematic taste of one of the themes. All due in the new Hearth and Home update: food. Of course, players will have to wait until September 16th to find and experience all the new content. Valheim’s first major update focuses on enhancing the core base building and survival mechanics. Hearth and Home aims to give vikings even more tools to create. So they can build the longhouse of their dreams. Then cook up a feast fit for an Aesir.

Valheim: Hearth and Home Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Several features introduced in Hearth and Home have already been revealed. Including brand new cooking extensions to introduce spice racks. There are also butcher tables, as well as pots and pans. The new tools complement the reworked food system. Not only is it introducing new recipes but now gives players more interesting choices. Along with an improved health and stamina system.

The improved food system will have a significant impact on the core combat experience. Allowing players to finely balance their Viking diet to suit their playstyle. While further changes to shields and blocking mechanics give players even more epic battles. All for Bragi’s skalds to sing about.

A treasure trove of new build pieces will also be added in Hearth and Home. Including a literal treasure chest for Vikings to store their hard earned gold. Putting treasure inside a chest made out of treasure. You know, by the Gods! Brand new window hatches and darkwood materials have also been previously revealed.

Launched into Steam Early Access in February of this year. Valheim is an instant hit as players swarmed to settle the afterlife. So they can battle the greatest creatures of Norse mythology together. Hearth and Home will take gameplay even further. Since this is a game initially developed by just five people. Valheim sold over seven million copies in under two months. Hitting a peak of over 500,000 concurrent players. Making it just the fifth game to do so in Steam history.

Iron Gate Studio:

“One of the most exciting things we saw when we first opened the gates of Valheim. The incredible creativity of the community. And we immediately wanted to give players even more power to express themselves. Create the homestead of their dreams” said Henrik Törnqvist, co-founder of Iron Gate Studio. “Though it’s coming a little later than expected. The player base has been fantastic – understanding that we wanted to get Hearth and Home spot on. And in turn we’ve listened to our amazing community to keep building Valheim with them.”

Odin’s ravens will be delivering the Valheim Hearth and Home Update on Thursday, September 16th.

Before the release date, you can still explore Valheim. Available for $19.99 USD on Steam Early Access and Humble Store. Available on both Linux and Windows PC.

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