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Hearth and Home update still on track for Valheim

hearth and home game update still on track for valheim via linux and windows pc

Hearth and Home game update is still on track for Valheim via Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Iron Gate. The games still going strong with 91% Very Positive views on Steam Early Access and Humble Store.

Iron Gate Studio are eager to announce further details about Valheim. Their challenging co-op adventure is due to get the Hearth and Home update soon. While adding changes to the open world exploration survival game. If you have yet to play it, expect a vast procedurally generated purgatory. This also takes inspiration from norse mythology and viking culture. Players have the takes of taking back the realm from the ancient enemies of Odin. While building mead halls and castles. Also crafting weapons and armor. Then sailing the seas in search of new horizons.

Valheim Release Trailer

Hearth and Home is progress is featured in the monthly steam post. We also reveal a sneak peek at what the team has been working on.

  • Highlights from July’s Steam post
    • Valheim’s first update, Hearth and Home, is still due to launch this quarter. With the Iron Gate team finishing up their summer break. As a result, they’re back hard at work on exciting new furnishings and garnishings for Update 1: Hearth and Home.
    • In terms of new content, it’s all about money, money, money
      • Stash that cash: those drowning in gold coins will soon be able to hoard their excess wealth. Doing so in neat stacks and not so neat piles
      • Any other loot or supplies can be deposited into brand new treasure chests. Hearth and Home will let you lock away bigger loot (along with anything, or anyone else). Doing so behind larger iron grates
    • Iron Gate’s three new recruits – an animator, a programmer, and a QA manager. Due to be available to the community in the coming weeks!
    • Valheim, developed by Iron Gate Studio and published by Coffee Stain Publishing, launched into Early Access in February 2021. Now selling 4 million copies in 3 weeks. Then 5 million after just a month on Steam
      • Hearth and Home will be its first update, adding new builds and cooking elements to the hit viking survival game

What is in the gameplay?

Hearth and Home will offer convenient changes to Valheim. Inviting more players to explore lush forests, snow topped mountain ranges and mystical meadows. Valheim offers a dodge & block based combat system. Including a wide range of weapons for deathless vikings to battle primordial bosses of myth and legend. The viking adventure is playable solo, or with up to nine friends. Between deaths, Valheim offers a flexible house and base building system. Easy item crafting and ship building, and dedicated servers.

You can plays Valheim and gear up for the Hearth and Home update. Priced at $19.99 USD on both Steam Early Access and Humble Store. Including support for Linux and Windows PC.

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