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Hearts of Iron IV fifth anniversary offers new content

hearts of iron iv fifth anniversary offers new content in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Hearts of Iron IV fifth anniversary offers new content in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Paradox Development Studio. Which is available now on both Paradox Store and Steam.

For five years, war gamers around the world have been tested. Since they have to outbuild and outfight history’s most terrible war machines. Which is the grand strategy wargame from Paradox Development Studio. Millions of tanks and planes have been built. While players fight through an infinite variety of alternate histories. All taking place against the backdrop of humanity’s greatest struggle.

In honor of the fifth anniversary of Hearts of Iron IV. Paradox has announced a new bundle that will give players even more style. So they can prove to be the master of modern total war.

The Anniversary Bundle Includes:

  • Eastern Front Planes Pack: Over 50 new airplane models for nations fighting in central and eastern Europe. This also includes Germany, the Soviet Union, and Poland. As well as Romania, Yugoslavia, and Hungary.
  • Eastern Front Music Pack: 13 new music tracks including the Soviet National Anthem. As well as Lili Marlene and My Pierwsza Brygada.

Hearts of Iron IV: Eastern Front Planes Pack | Release Trailer

A newly available Hearts of Iron IV Immersion Bundle. Which also collects the game’s cosmetic touches. Adding further visual and audio detail including:

  • Radio Pack: 35 songs spread across all three factions. As well as releasing music from earlier Hearts of Iron games.
  • Axis Armor Pack: Over 60 armored vehicle models for the German, Japanese and Italian armies. Including the StuG III, Japanese test heavy tanks, and the L-6 light tank.
  • Allied Armor Pack: Over 50 armored vehicle models in Hearts of Iron IV. These include American, Soviet, British, and French armies. Such as the M7 Priest, the French Renault tank, and a host of new tank destroyers.
  • Allied Speeches Pack: Over 70 minutes of speeches. These are some of the most inspiring moments from the Allied campaign. This includes MacArthur’s famed “I shall return”. There is also Churchill’s pledge to “fight on the beaches”.

Paradox has also has updates for the Mobilization Bundle. This is due to include all of the Hearts of Iron IV expansions.

The Hearts of Iron IV fifth anniversary content is all available on Steam and the Paradox Store. Including continuing support in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC.
The Paradox store lists everything on sale, working out to similar prices when adding to the cart. While Steam offers bundles right from the start.

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