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Hegemone Pass on Kickstarter with a Demo

hegemone pass on kickstarter with a demo in linux windows pc games

Hegemone Pass is a stealth JRPG on Kickstarter in Linux and Windows PC games. Thanks to developer Meringue Entertainment. Along with a downloadable demo. The crowdfunding campaign seeks a pledge goal of €16,000 goal ($17,938 USD).

Hunt your citizens or be hunted in Hegemone Pass. Since this a 2D side scrolling JRPG. Featuring both stealth exploration and battle. Which is also under development for Linux, Windows, and possibly Switch.

You are the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone. And your entire kingdom, the Underworld, has been taken over by the goddess Demeter. Since she stole your Supreme Title. Without the title, you are powerless. While Stealth dictates whether you live or fall.
When exploring in Hegemone Pass. The on-field enemy encounters do not dash at you when spotted. They will pray for help, summoning the Hunt. So that enemies can swarm. And their power also increases, following how much time is left on the alert. So that nearby reinforcements can jump into your fights.

Detected or not, you’ll be battling in turn based battles. This is for both allies and foes. Since one of each is designated as the Leader. Therefore, eliminating them is the key to victory.
However, Leaders activate their “Title”. This also empowers their allies or oppressing their foes.
Lastly, the Leader status can also be passed around from ally to ally. Doing so with the titular technique “Hegemone Pass”. Activating a new ally’s “Title”.
So when hunted, enemy titles are boosted based on the remaining time. Also making any encounter a potentially deadly one. To survive such encounters, eliminating the enemy Leader is your top priority.

Hegemone Pass – Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac and Windows PC)

There is also a demo available for Linux and Windows. This contains a “pilot” styled story and showcasing a sample. While highlighting Hegemone Pass’s mechanics.
Since the funds from the Kickstarter will be for full time development. And pay for music that will be composed by Paradoxigent. The final game is coming in June 2020 release. So check out the games demo.


  • A JRPG with Stealth: Fighting while now being stealthy is safer and lets you gain more EXP. But if they spot you, they’ll trigger “the Hunt”. Also making enemies more powerful. Encounters more dangerous. And nearby enemies will join the fight. Non-Stealth play is also possible with a ‘Hubris’ alert state. Where enemies flee from you beat them to many times during a Hunt.
  • Take the Leader, Raise the Hegemone: Simply eliminate the enemy leader to win!  Use your Leader’s title to empower allies or oppress foes. Switch Leaders using the titular “Hegemone Pass” technique. Activating their leader title and change the tide of battle.
  • Contest the Fight: When ally and foe are going to act at the same time. They’ll act indefinitely unless one hits the other with a non-resist attack. Use this by avoiding enemy turns. Or destroy their strong by contesting with their weak!
  • Equip Flowers & Powers: Equip multiple flowers with sync’ing colours and brightness levels. So you can gain techniques and more stat increases. Find Persephone’s missing powers. Like walking on lava or emitting shockwaves. Opening up new options on the field.
  • Mythological Setting, Colourful Cast: Humans, gods and monsters all populate the unique Underworld. Featuring simple but adorable character sprite art. The story is a complete turn from of the original myth. Which also includes unique plot events.

Hegemone Pass is looking for your pledge support on Kickstarter. Hoping to reach that pledge goal by June 10 2019. And also planning a release in June 2020 for Linux and Windows PC. Coming to both Steam and GOG.

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