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Hegemone Pass a major update for Kickstarter

hegemone pass a major update for kickstarter in linux windows pc games

Hegemone Pass stealth JRPG games demo and Kickstarter have a major update for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Meringue Entertainment. This also includes the playable Demo. And chances to the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Hegemone Pass stealth RPG just launched a major update. Both the demo and Kickstarter page thanks to community feedback.

Let’s talk gameplay first. Hegemone Pass will have you create a trail of miasma (smell) to hide from sight. Or just teleport through walls and eliminate your foes. Doing so in turn based RPG battles. Which we know is coming to Linux and Windows PC.

With your eye of miasma, you’ll be creating your very own shadows. So you can teleport yourself through walls and foes. Since you can easily strike in battle using your stealth. So if the enemy does spots you. Your foes will begin their hunt. Empowering them in battle and calling in reinforcements. All you have to do is touch a foe to enter battle.

Hegemone Pass Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

In the game’s RPG battles, both allies and foes have a Leader. So victory will go to the side who eliminates their enemy’s leader. However, Leaders activate their “Leader Title”. This is also a carried title which empowers their allies. Or oppresses their foes. Leaders can pass around their Leader status. While going from ally to ally with the “Hegemone Pass”. Activating a new ally’s “Title”. The Hunt empowers enemy leader titles making battles. While detected a life or death situation.

A new Demo is now available for download. With a major update showcasing the new mechanics. Also graphical improvements, improved balancing, and much more. A major revamp of the Kickstarter page is now online.


  • A Stealth RPG: Eliminate your foes in the shadows to survive your encounters. Getting caught will lead to very tough battles unless you hide.
  • Trail of Shadows: With your eye of miasma, create trails of shadows. Which can both hide you from enemies. And teleport you to out of reach areas! You’ll be intangible to your enemies!
  • Take on Leaders: Eliminate the enemy leader to win! Use your Leader’s title to empower allies or oppress foes. Switch Leaders using the titular “Hegemone Pass” technique. Activate their leader title and change the tide of battle.
  • Contest the Fight: When ally and foe are supposed to act at the same time. They’ll act indefinitely unless one hits the other with a non-resisted attack. Exploit this by negating enemy turns. Or eliminate their strong by contesting with their weak!
  • Equip Flowers & Powers: Equip multiple flowers with synchronizing colours and brightness levels. All to gain techniques and more stat increases. And find Persephone’s missing powers. Like walking on lava or emitting shockwaves. Opening up new possibilities on the field.
  • Mythological Setting, Colourful Cast: Humans, gods and monsters all populate this unique take on the Underworld. Featuring simple but adorable characters. The story is a complete deviation of the original myth with unique plot events.

The funds for Hegemone Pass will be used to work full time on the game’s development. So the dev’s can pay for future music. Hopefully being composed by Paradoxigent. The finished game is planned for a June 2020 release. Coming to both Linux and Windows PC.