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HeistGeist let you test the RPG card battler

heistgeist rpg card battler game has a playable demo for linux mac and windows pc

HeistGeist RPG card battler game has a playable demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the innovative team at Doublequote Studio for their exceptional work. Due to make its full release on Steam in 2024.

HeistGeist is an upcoming RPG card battler adventure game that’s got a lot of people talking about the Demo. It takes place a world in the 2040s, where technology and big corporations rule. This is where the story takes place, in a cool, futuristic version of Central Europe. You’ll step into the shoes of Alexandra, a smart and tough character who knows her way around the streets. She’s a thief, but not just any thief. She’s known for her skills but got into trouble after a recent job didn’t go as planned.

Now, Alexandra is in a tough spot. She’s being chased by corporate hit men and a client who’s really angry about how things turned out. To survive and clear her name, she needs to plan the biggest and most daring heist ever. HeistGeist is not just about stealing; it’s about outsmarting powerful enemies and making the right choices at every turn.

HeistGeist – Story Trailer

What’s really unique about this experience is how you get to control what happens. The choices you make change the story, so it feels like you’re writing it as you plan. And when it’s time to battle your enemies, you do it by playing cards. HeistGeist isn’t about luck; it’s about strategy and putting together the right combination of moves to win.

Building your deck of cards is a big part of the strategy. You can choose cards that match how you like to play, whether that’s being aggressive, defensive, or something in between. And there’s also this hacking feature where you use cards to solve puzzles. So you can break into secure computer systems.

The story comes to life by a cast of characters who actually speak their lines. Which adds to the excitement and immersion. The world of HeistGeist is rich with details and twists that keep you guessing and engaged. You can also play the game Demo on Linux via Steam and itch.

If this sounds interesting, you can follow updates for HeistGeist on Twitter and Discord. The RPG card battler is also listed on Steam, so you can add it to your wishlist to keep track of when it releases. The launch is due in 2024, and it promises to be an experience that blends action, strategy, and a gripping story in a unique and thrilling way. While offering support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.