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Helium Rain space simulation gets a full release

helium rain strategy simulation space simulation gets a full release for linux windows

Helium Rain is a single-player space simulation full release is available for Linux and Windows via Steam. The game also has a solid 92% Very Positive review score on Steam. And gameplay places you at the helm of a spacefaring company.

In Helium Rain players will trade resources, buy ships and stations to fulfill contracts. Also dock at stations to buy and sell you wares or upgrade your ship. Since you can upgrade your technology as well. Becoming more efficient and militarise your fleet to prevent piracy. Oh yeah, that makes me smile.

Helium Rain space simulation Launch Trailer (Linux, Windows)


  • Realistic economy model with dynamic pricing, supply and demand
  • Strategy gameplay with procedural quests, world exploration, technology upgrades
  • 12 playable ships with weapon and engine upgrades
  • Fast-paced combat with a Newtonian flight model
  • Localized damage model for spacecrafts
  • Quick-play Skirmish game mode

Also your ships have generators, radiators, weapons, engines, cargo bays or life support systems. All of these work together. So that means that every thruster on your ship plays a role. Which also means aiming for engines will pin down your enemies. Or just send them spinning around by destroying power stations.
Since most ships have more than thirty individual parts. You can customize the most important parts of your ships. So things like your main engines, attitude control thrusters, weapons and hull colors.

Your competitors are independent factions. These are companies with the same goal as yours – ruling the system. So they will try to undercut you, or even attack you if you become a threat to them.
But don’t be too quick to destroy them, as war can break the supply of resources you depend on. While attacking freighters will destroy resources, with the potential to cause an economic crisis.

Full release on Steam:

Helium Rain is available for $14.99 USD on Linux and Windows. Check out the full release on Steam.

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